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Friday, May 04, 2007

The calm before the shit storm

Going to shows is a rite of passage for any music fan. Your first time, just like your first sexual experience, is usually rather strange. While years ago, the type of kids the alt/indie/emo/hardcore/insert-a-made-up-genre attracted were those who actually wanted to hear music and not display their brand-spankin' new belt buckle, times have changed. While back in the day, (and I can use that term because I’m in my mid ‘20s), things were a little more cut and dry in the sense that everyone wasn’t wearing Vans and you went to a show to check out all the bands as opposed to standing through shitty opening acts and waiting for your favorite band to come on. Now, its all about the cliques at shows: the T-shirt dudes who wear oversized jeans with their Converse, the T-shirt dudes with flat-ironed hair, nifty lip piercing and tight girl pants… and Converse; teeny-bopper girls who haven’t started menstruating yet, but yell out to the lead singer “I want to have your babies!,” groupie sluts (needs no explanation) and the average cool-dressed hipsters who hang out on the side of the stage, avoiding injury and schmoozing with the bands and the other “people of importance” while hoping to later make it on

And while I prepare to go to Bamboozle, I’m checking my patience... because I’ll need it. I can’t wait for the 13 year-olds in mini skirts wearing eye glitter and the super cool frat dudes who get drunk and throw shit. Yup… going to outdoor festivals takes a lot of patience – especially when you’re at the age when you’re babysitting half the crowd in attendance. Okay… so I guess that makes me old, but I never did some of the dumb shit kids do at shows now. I think that tranquilizers should be given out to some of the younger ones. Now, I am NOT condoning drug use in any way. I’m absolutely against the use of narcotics and any and all illegal drugs. But prescribed meds, bring it. Some of these twits need to be sedated. I bet if this were to happen, there would be less incidents of people throwing bottles and less flip flops being broke due to unnecessary running.

Of course, shows are supposed to be a collective of music junkies enjoying the show and having fun. And I’m for that. One could also debate, “Jen, if you don’t like what goes on at shows, don’t go.” Right. But why should I have to sacrifice my affliction for seeing dudes in skinny jeans because you and your friends want to disease the venue with your retainer wars?

So, I’ll see you at the show. I’ll be the one holding the bottles and binkies if anyone needs one…

*By Jen

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Jessica said...

This made my life.