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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wide eyed, alive

I really, really, really love The Junior Varsity. Their keyboardist, Nick Dodson, may very well be the sweetest guy in the world. So sweet, in fact, that my cohort Ashley and I took it literally and made the band brownies for their show tonight:

Aren't they festive and scrumptious looking? And check out my girl's color coordination. Good thing I didn't wear gray too, as I'd originally planned, otherwise we'd look like two cracked out Betty Crockers.

Not pictured: Me, because I was/am having a bad hair day.
However, our baked goods made us the absolute most popular women to ever step foot in the School of Rock.
Seriously girls, if you want a surefire way to have a hefty collection of phone numbers at the end of an evening out--just bring some sort of cake.

Okay, okay, being cute helps too.

*By Jess, who seriously only bakes for Junior Varsity shows, though if John Mayer asked for a pie, she'd probably oblige

1 comment:

Planet Verge said...

dear jess,

i like high caloric food. please send me some

<3 joelle