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Friday, October 31, 2008

Concert Junkie: Rambles about Zeppelin Rumors

Anticipation is growing, rumors are flying, and I'm screaming in agony. I first heard the announcement of the legendary Led Zeppelin holding auditions for Robert Plant replacements earlier this week. I shrugged and said 'Meh.' However, I just read on the LA Times music blog of who the mighty Zeppelin might settle on for a replacement, I can't stay quiet any longer.

Myles Kennedy should not be the new Plant for Zep. First off, his voice does not compare to Plant. Scott Weiland, in his hay-day with STP, would have been a more sufficient choice than no-name Kennedy. I do not want Zeppelin to turn into the non-Robert Halford years of Judas Priest. If you are not sure about what I mean, try to watch the movie Rock Star. I know it is painful to get through the awful plot holes and extensions in Jennifer Anniston's hair, but that's why I said try. However, I wholeheartedly understand if you pass. The movie is about how Halford left Judas Priest, and how they hired Tim "Ripper" Owens, a no-name, who sang in a Judas Priest tribute band. He shared the stage with Priest for a brief stint, until the band realized they could set their egos aside and hire back the great one.

Another strike against Kennedy is he's from Creed. Now, for those who know me well know that I find Creed to be repulsive and talentless. They shared the same Christian rock fad as P.O.D(remember them?), which then spawned South Park's awesome episode of when Cartman started a Christian Rock Band. Kennedy will not generate people to go flocking to the arenas or outdoor theaters. Currently, according to the LA Times blog survey, over 60 percent of the readers surveyed, don't care for a tour if its not Plant, while four percent find this decision "awesome."

When Zep announced their charity show last year, millions of people from all over the world, registered in the lottery within the first hour alone. I don't think die hard Nickleback or Creed fans combined can generate anything close.

Please Jimmy, John, and Jason, stop your auditions and bring Plant to the table. You guys can most definitely negotiate something. Don't turn into the non-Halferd years! Plant put the Krauss album on hold. You know we'll want to hear it in another year or so, but while you still can hit the notes, go on tour with Zeppelin. It can seriously save the world economy. Think about it. Remember the old mantra guys: One rock show can save the world.

By Lori, who would sell her first unborn child for Zeppelin to come to North America.

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