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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hipsters are the modern yuppies.

Thoughts on this? Michael said it to me the other day.

I went to Urban Outfitters today during lunch. Every time I'm there, I always feel like the workers are judging you and the customers (who think going shopping there is
an occasion to look their most hipsteresque)are secretly going "OMG that girl isn't wearing skinny jeans!" Ick.

I just buy the houseware items. They have cute lamps and plates.

However, I find the clothes to be TOTALLY overpriced and pretty much U-G-L-Y.

That's what I have to say.

I am FINALLY listening to the new Funeral For a Friend.

Just got the Leathermouth CD in the mail. Gonna pop that in next. Stay tuned!

*By Joelle, who is designing the program magazine for Fashion a Cure and hopes to see you all there next week!

1 comment:

Lori said...

I agree. Most of their stuff is wickedly overpriced and one size smaller than what it says.