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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

World, Meet Butch Walker

Butch Walker and Pink performed "Here Comes The..." off his new album, Sycamore Meadows, on Ellen today.

I'm really happy that he is finally where he should be- in the public eye for his own music. It may have taken tremendous loss (Google it if you don't know), but this should bring a bit of faith to everyone who really feels like they're at the lowest point in their lives, scratching and clawing for a way back to "normal." Fate has a plan. And for Butch, it was to take away all his material possessions and leave him with simply his soul, pets and family in order to get him in the mindset to write arguably his most personal, touching album to date.

Planet Verge has been leading the Butch parade for years now. He goes along with any crazy thing we happen to drag him into- from going on The Style Network's The Look for Less with Jordana as she got a makeover for her interview with him to contributing to our sex advice column back in the print days. What can we say? We love him and we're glad the world is finally going to pay attention to everything which we've been screaming!

Perhaps the longtime fans will "suffer" a bit because of the mainstream madness for Butch that will now surely ensue. Shows will sell out even faster and there may be the type of drunk girls you want to punch in the face singing along next to you at the next show. But, find solace in the fact that Butch's lyrics have touched another person's life and he is creeping one step closer to being regarded as famously as Jeff Buckley.


Watch the video for "The Weight of Her"

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