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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Butch Walker to Rescue Indie Rock from American Apparel

Just as indie rockstar wanna-be's rip off Butch Walker's songwriting style (and fail miserably), they too often steal his style.

Let's not forget it was Walker, in his Marvlous 3 days, who first wore the skinny tie. Of course, at this point, the wanna-be rockstar local band boys were still a little slow. It took a few years for them to dig this trend into the ground.

Then it was the bandanna. I remember the first time I saw Butch perform solo, he had one of the red rags flowing from his pocket. About a year later, the emo kids once again have killed the bandanna (RIP.)

Last night, at Webster Hall, Butch Walker And His Gang of Merry Musical Melodymakers took a stand against all the girl-pants-wearing boys, whether you realized it or not. Walker and co. took the stage in plaid shirts. Ok, minus Randy Michael, who always looks so dapper in his suits and fedoras and new hot dude Chris, who has a tattoo of a pin-up girl on a tiger (two of my favorite things), so that should not be covered up.

The subliminal message was evident.

Attn.Those who worship Butch Walker so much that you steal his style musically and fashionably:

Don't fall any further!


Give your girlfriend her jeans back!


V-Neck shirts are only sexy if you have cleavage! We don't want to see curly chest hair strands sticking out!

Dress like a man!

On another note...

VENUES: Please note....

When you are fortunate enough to have Butch Walker grace your stage, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT disrespect the man by pumping god-awful techo (described by Walker as "the devil's music) on the floor below!

* By Joelle, who along with Jess, escorted their friend Nicole to her first BW show last night. Nicole left saying "That man has so much talent it should be illegal."

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Tim said...

Amen to the v-necks and girls jeans.

jess said...

Who was that cute guy playing piano and castanets and tambourine?

Joe Pettis said...

By the way, Tim McGrath is the artist who did the tattoo on the "new hot dude Chris." I work at the shop where Chris got his tattoo, 13 Roses.

joelle said...

Thanks, Joe. I didn't know Chris' last name, hence the "hot dude" part. haha

Are you in Georgia? You should give a shout-out so people can stop on by :)

Candace said...

haha, this sums up a ridiculous amount of my feelings on the "wanna-b's"

It's sad walking into concerts seeing young music lovers getting brain washed into what they are impressionable to think is "hip rockstar styling!"