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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Burn Halo Stole the Show (And not just cause the opening act sucked and we didn't stay for the headliners...)

Burn Halo.

The moment of truth...

What's it like to see James Hart fronting a band that's not Eighteen Visions?

As I found out a few weeks ago, quite enjoyable!

Burn Halo songs have instant radio appeal baked into each scrumptious tune. Mainstream music fans will--pardon the pun-- eat them up. The band's debut album is good, but I have to say the live set puts the recording to shame. I actually prefer the demo of "Dirty Little Girl" (the favorite of mine and I'm sure a million others) to the version that made the final cut. And of course, the live version was the highlight of the night.

There didn't seem to be any Eighteen Visions fans in the crowd. I would have been able to tell. They would have been the cool people. Everyone in attendance at this show was a bit weird. The kind of people who wear the t-shirt of the band they're there to see at the show. And apparently also the kind who go out in public wearing nothing but bras, pleather underwear and boots up to their crotches. But I blame that on the fact that this was Snocore and Static-X was headlining.

The point I was trying to make, however, is that the original hardcore Eighteen Visions fans are most likely NOT going to be at these shows. Those who jumped on the bandwagon for their final album, which was much more melodic and mainstream friendly, may have carried over. But unfortunately, as usual, the major label 18V was on never did them justice and rarely seemed to make them a priority. So those fans never had a chance to get a head start on the Burn Halo train.

It was great to see that Hart hasn't lost his edge. He's a captivating frontman and I look forward to seeing another show.

One thing I have to say, however, is that the other guys in the band scream "LA rock." There is totally a different breed of rock musician out there on the west coast. I wish the other band members didn't try so hard to look like they just came back from hanging out with Avenged Sevenfold. That's when I shed a few tears in remembrance of Eighteen Visions. They eluded their own brand of cool.

Expect to hear lots more about Burn Halo this year. They've got the total easy to market package and unlike some of their peers- talent.

I spoke with James while this new musical venture of his was still forming.

*By Joelle, who wishes she had Sirius right now so she can be listening as our PV Girl, Jordana, chat with Cosmo Radio.


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