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Friday, October 27, 2006

Lostprophets at Irving Plaza

Gerard Way who? Ian Watkins proved once again why he is arguably the best frontman of this generation. Catchy lyrics? Check. Killer style? Check. Captivating persona? Check. Check. Check. Check to everything else.

But it’s not JUST about the man behind the mic, even though he was in such demand; he actually went down to the front row and posed with fans for pictures in between songs. Although guitarist Lee Gaze appears to be rather tame nowadays during live performances, his band mates Jamie Oliver (keys), Stuart Richardson (bass) and Mike Lewis (guitars) act as if they’d had more than their fare share of Red Bulls to keep energy levels peaked.

While on disk, Lostprophets have focused more on melody driven tunes on their past two albums, instead of mosh worthy shredders ala their debut. But you’d never guess it based on the circle pits that kept going all night long. When one crowd surfer ended up on stage, Watkins embraced him and let him sing along. As the night closed, the vocalist became one with the crowd and stage dove into the pit mid-song, resulting in his ear piece getting torn out. Perhaps that’s why there was no much wanted encore.

Even with just three weeks promotion for this last minute show, the venue was pretty packed. Once “Rooftops,” the leading single off Liberation Transmission (Columbia) gets more radio play over here in the US, expect these UK superstars to be gracing our magazine covers, as well.

Watch clips from the show at

*Joelle, who has been hooked on Lostprophets since Ozzfest '02 and put them on the cover of Planet Verge twice

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