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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Excuse me, Joelle?

How dare you insult the [imaginary] love of my life that way?
Way. As in Gerard Way.

Though I detest this new, cropped, peroxide blonde gig he's got going on as of late (seriously, G, if you're reading this--please bring back the black, as you're so pale that your hair blends in with your scalp and you look bald from far away), the new My Chem record is fucking sick.

A lot of people have been comparing it to Queen, which is easily my favorite band ever of all time, so I had to give it a spin or two if for nothing more than morbid curiosity. I don't think much of it sounds like Queen at all with the exception of the sickeningly catchy first single, "Welcome to the Black Parade." Gerard's got the Farokh Bulsara vocal impressions down, but it's Ray Toro's guitar on the track that gives it a Queen-feel--it reeks of Brian May. The rest of the CD is just as good, just not as Queen ("Dead," "Teenagers," and "Famous Last Words" are on constant repeat to sing along with in my car). And they even got themselves musical theater cred--you know that creepy woman's voice on "Mama?" Yeah, that's none other than Liza Minnelli. They're not playing around.

Gerard Way is no Freddie Mercury. He's more like the lovechild of Freddie Mercury and Glenn Danzig, only a lot more physically attractive than that offspring would be.

If only he'd do something with that hair.

*Jess, who was once accosted by Coheed and Cambria's creepy, huge merch guy at a show they played with MCR


Joelle said...

Haha you crack me up. I love My Chem, although I'm not sure of my thoughts on the new CD yet. I do love track 6, "I Don't Love You." I just spend too much time listening to Lostprophets and Val Emmich to concentrate on My Chem.


Anonymous said...
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