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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Two things wrong with music:

The first one being that Spitalfield essentially played a private show for me last weekend because everyone around Woodbridge was scared of some stupid afternoon rain. You guys pansies all missed a helluva show--acoustic and lovely. Mark played with their new guitarist, Jeff Meilander, who looks like a much more attractive Kurt Cobain: and they were absolutely splendid, as per the usual. They performed a lot of songs from their new album, Better Than Knowing Where You Are, along with old favorites like "I Loved the Way She Said 'L.A.'" And they also treated me to a late lunch/early dinner afterward. Such class acts, those boys. Spitalfield deserve a lot more recognition and kudos than they're getting, but I think they're well on their way--and I'm looking forward to seeing them with Valencia this weekend. Kick ass.

Oh, and the other thing wrong with music?
Meatloaf. Covering a song originally performed by Celine Dion.
If I weren't so excited for the weekend, I think I'd have killed myself by now.

*Jess, who should stop eating Halloween candy before she has to be burned out of the house


Planet Verge said...

ewww meatloaf (the food and the man) make me want to barf. and celine? someone shove a Whopper in her mouth and tape it shut. did you ever see her on Oprah when she made her dressing room a replica of her HOUSE? yea...

ps-- i am like eating halloween candy as meals it's so good. lol

<3 joelle

Planet Verge said...

Bahahaha, I love you.
And meatloaf the food also makes me want to vomit. I usually don't mind the man, but God. This is a lot to take in.