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Thursday, November 02, 2006

why i "love" nyc

While I was waiting in line to catch a cab at Port Authority, the ten times overweight man in front of me turns around and starts asking me questions:

"Are you from around here?"
"Where are you from?"
"Are you married?" --I then tell him I am taken and he then asks "Are you loyal?" !!! And I, being half deaf from going to way too many shows in my past without wearing earplugs, say "No." I thought he asked if he was a LAWYER. So typical Joelle. So I then correct myself and he says "Is that what you tell all the guys or just me?" Luckily, a cab came for him.

I then went about my trip to J Records for a meeting, and walked like a half hour back to Port Authority to go home in rush hour. That is why New Yorkers are so skinny. Well, the skinny ones. All the walking. Yes, I may have saved seven bucks and got to pass eye candy (aka the Chanel doorman, single ladies go peep him!)along the way, but I'd rather be in dirty Jersey behind the wheel of my car blasting music and with the heat on.

<3 Joelle, who ate some Key Lime pie tonight.

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