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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thank you, thank you very much.

I'm taking an astronomy course this semester, and I did better than most of the class did on my midterm for it (which isn't saying much, considering the mean score was slightly over 50%, but I digress), and that is going to be my license for the proceeding entry. I'm not sure where I originally intended on going with this, but for what it's worth:

By John D. Fix's Astronomy: Journey to the Cosmic Frontier textbook definition, the universe is "all the matter and space there is." Therefore, there is no real center. Can there be a center of everything everywhere?

And with that, being a rather at times self-centered girl myself, I have to say how disgusted I am with people in general thinking they are, in fact, that elusive center of all space and matter.

Here's where I get cliche: Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Be thankful for everything you've got, because it's probably more than you realize. Instead of bitching about not having a boyfriend (can you tell I hear this shit all the time? Seriously, stop coming to me with this issue girls), be happy you're not a widow or in an abusive relationship. Instead of complaining about traffic, be happy you've got a car and somewhere to go with it. Instead of whining about how your mom's pumpkin pie recipe is going to go right to your hips, be happy you're not having your dinner alone in a soup kitchen like so many others.

The fact is, the universe is a rather large place. Even if one of us were to be the legitimate center of it (that seems to come with a lot pressure, doesn't it?), that doesn't mean we don't need to pay attention to the rest of the space and matter around us. Open your eyes. Read the newspapers. Do something charitable. What good is being the center of the universe if you don't improve the infinite masses surrounding you?

*By Jess, who is thankful for Kingdom Come by Jay-Z, The Best of Depeche Mode Vol. 1, and for a large container of cashews on her kitchen counter that grants her the liberty to say "Dude, get off my nuts" whenever she pleases.


Planet Verge said...
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Planet Verge said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I think like that all the time. Like, who cares if I gained weight/have a pimple/in debt, etc etc ect because there are people in the world who have their faces deformed because they got bombed while fighting for this country in a war for no reason. and someone at home loves them and misses them. and the boyfriend issue, get over it! enjoy life. boyfriends do not equal life. they just add to it :)