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Monday, November 06, 2006

The BIG debate

This morning, I logged into the Planet Verge Girls MySpace page and like always, added all our friend requests. This one guy had a picture that looked like he was with Ashlee Simpson, and since I like her style (not music or fake boobs, please...) I actually clicked on his page to see it. So it turns out Ashlee wasn't in that picture, but she WAS his background. So then I read his ABOUT ME and became INFURIATED. This is what it said:

I am a devout Catholic. I go to Mass as often as I can. There is nothing that is better in this world than to be close to Jesus at the Holy sacarafice of Mass. Along with being a Catholic I am an advocate for the defense of the unborn children. It's tragic that we have a real holocaust in this country and across the world where thousands of innocent children are being murdered every year and it's called a "choice." With all due respect, if you want your choice, then choose not to have sex. Once you choose to make love to your partner, you might get pregnent. Condoms are not effective, the pill isn't effective, abstinence is the only way. Once you are pregnant your choice is over and the unborn child has a right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuite of happiness.

Seriously, who does this 'effer think he is? This is friggin MYSPACE. And he's well past his youth, on here with his love of female pop stars (are you sure you're not gay, Mr man of God?) from a small hick town trying to spread his CLOSE MINDED VIEWS!!!!

Now I am not into politics AT ALL. But as a woman, I follow the abortion issue. No man has the right to judge women who have abortions. It's their choice, their bodies, their lives. They have no idea what circumstances they made the decision to do so or how they will have that with them for the rest of their lives. Maybe men should not be the ones having sex either! Why is he trying to place the blame on women? Most abortions happen during the first few weeks of pregnancy, when the fetus is simply CELLS. There is no baby with little hands and fingers and toes. It's cells. Get over it. He should be happy someone perhaps decided to not live on welfare, ruin HER LIFE from having a baby when she was 15 or whatever, or maybe raped.

Ok, I'm ending this. I actually wrote that man a comment and said I thought he was cool until I saw how close-minded he is and that's sad. But then I deleted it and decided to write this.



Anonymous said...

Well, since that was about me I will comment. I am sorry you feel that about me. Yes, i like pop music, yes I like a lot of female pop stars and I have met a lot of them. But that has nothing to do with my religious life.

I find it interesting you call me closed minded yet you go off on a tyrade about my beliefs. You insult me and call me names because I believe that brutally murdering innocent children is wrong. I guess it's true what they say about become so open minded your brains fall out.

I find it interesting liberals are only open minded to people who share their own beliefs. I used to be a fan of your magazine. I am a huge Jeremiah Freed fan. We probably have even seen each other at JF shows in Portland. I know other supporters of your magazine who are against abortion and I am going to have them pull support from your magazine.

I don't hate you. Unlike you I don't hate people I disagree with. I will be praying for you though. I pray that you will see the error of your ways. I am sorry you feel like you do about me but as Jesus said in the bible...As the world hated me, the world will also hate you. No servant is greater than his they persecuted me they will also persecute you. Blessed are they who are persecuted in my name, they will inherit the Kingdom of God.

May you have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

I guess if the guy feels he has to use MySpace as the place to share his beliefs, that's cool. At least he wasn't on the soapbox preaching on hollwood boulevard. It's freedom of speech for you both to share your thoughts.... but I must say, it's silly to stop being a fan of a music zine because of the zine's religious beliefs... music and religion should be completely separate, when they're not though, the music tends to suck, like most christian rock... ick. As for the dude who is anti cell-killing, someone should probably give it to him in the ass and leave those cells painted across his backside, kick him in the nuts and then give him a newborn and force him to care for it.

Planet Verge said...

I'm dropping this subject, but on a final note, just to be clear:

I don't hate people I disagree with. I don't hate anyone.

I come from a Catholic family that also has members who are Jewish and Pagan/Wiccan, so this has nothing to do with religion and I am open minded and accepting of all that. I don't practice any religion.

I find it funny that you say I have no brains because my intelligence has gotten me quite far in life.

Men have no idea the positions women are put in. All you see is "murder" of cells that could one day grow into a child if the women decides to have it. You don't see the women or her life.

I love babies. They are a gift and should be raised in loving families. Adoption is a wonderful thing. But not everyone can carry a child for nine months, not be able to work her job, and then have to give up her flesh and blood to someone else. The people, who do practice safe sex and accidently get pregnant and did nothing wrong should be able to have that option. People shouldn't see abortion as something some slut does to get out of being knocked up. It's not all like that.


Anonymous said...

You say you don't hate anyone and that's fine. I just though it was funny you thought I was "cool" until you saw my opinion on abortion. So you hate me...well...maybe you don't hate me but now you don't like me because of my opinion on one issue. I find that interesting for lack of a better word.


Jordan Lake said...

I have a question....
Say there was this girl who was 14 and got raped by her uncle and when her dad found out she was pregnant, she was kicked outta her house by her father. then let's say this baby was born with difficulties and have a related fever for years of his life on bed-rest. Then let's say he was sent home from 9th grade as the teacher said he was "unteachable" DO YOU THINK THE GIRL WHO HAD HIM SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION OR THE OPTION OF ABORTION? Serious question. No grey area.

Planet Verge said...

Hey Jordan! haven't heard from you in forever....

anyway, reguardless of whether the kid is unteachable and born with difficulties, the real issue is that she was raped and by her uncle. the girl is abortion or not, scared for life. the pregnancy would be torture and a constant reminder of the event and no way would she have an easier time getting past it. so just because of that, she should have the right to abortion.


Jordan Lake said...

intersting answer..Cause that child was Albert Einstein. . . what i'm trying to say is maybe if one of us hadn't stayed an extra 30 minutes in school and learned about him one afternoon, we coulda been struck by lightening. See, God made the world too complex than for us to make this type of decision--regaurdless of the moral or governmental decision behind murder of God's child/idea(cells). If this is the way Darryl feels, then just as he has the right to feel this way, you have the right to dissagree.

And I heart you, but people who have strong faith and/or strong convictions doesn't necessarily mean they're close-minded--it means they're not confused about what they believe.

Jordan, again... said...

"Anonymous," i bet you like Christian rock. I also bet you have no idea how many bands you listen to on secular stations or on your CDs that are Christian.

PV is not against Christians anyway. The PR band "Least of These" is a Christian band.

Anonymous said...

Note: Planet Verge worked briefly with Least of These a few years ago, but we have nothing to do with the band now. And there is no more Planet Verge PR. The company changed names to Audio Crush and seperated from Planet Verge.

Petertherock said...

You know, I just find it interesting you claim to be openminded and yet you decided not to be my friend and not make a good comment because of my stand on this issue. You said in your own post that you thought I was "cool" until you read how I felt on abortion. That's not being openminded in my book. You are free to like me or not like me as you wish.

I for one do not think you are a bad person. I think you are wrong, and misguided on this issue but you are not a bad person. What I am saying is I am and was willing and I still am willing to be your friend even though we have completely different views on this issue. You aren't. That's not being openminded in my book.

Petertherock said...

Oh, another comment I wanted to make...about your original post...Ashlee doesn't have fake boobs. She indeed has had work done on her face but her boobs are real.

Also, if you looked at the rest of my pictures I do indeed have a picture with me and Ashlee Simpson.

Another thing I find funny is you accuse me of being gay because I like some female pop singers. That's pretty funny for a couple reasons. First of all, what does liking female pop singers have to do with being gay? I also like other music...rock, country, Christian...the only thing I don't like at all is rap. Also, being a liberal, I am surprised you would use being gay as an insult. So what if I was gay? Are you a gay basher too? I didn't think liberals were supposed to bash gays?