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Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh boy, do I love a good sociopolitical debate.

Darryl, I respect your ability to voice your opinions on abortion and a woman's right to choose (despite your belief that we shouldn't be entitled to that). However, I must respectfully voice my own disagreement. Allow me to begin by stating that when you say things like the following, it's extremely difficult to take you seriously:

"I find it interesting you call me closed minded yet you go off on a tyrade
about my beliefs. You insult me and call me names because I believe that
brutally murdering innocent children is wrong. I guess it's true what they say
about become so open minded your brains fall out.I find it
interesting liberals are only open minded to people who share their own
In your having the audacity to tell me that as a liberal my mind is so open that it's empty, you're also leading me to question your own literacy (see italicizations). But that, my friend and fellow child of God, is a digression. In regards to the actual point you were attempting to make regarding liberal openmindedness (which, my friend, I should point out, is one word): I cannot speak for every liberal in the world, but my brand of liberalism values everyone's right to choose and to believe in whatever they want--and, as stated previously, this includes my support of your ability to voice your views, despite my own being very different.

While I am not necessarily an advocate of abortion in itself, but of the woman's choice whether or not to have one. From a purely constitutional and legal standpoint: if you revoke a woman's right to choose what happens with her own uterus, you're setting extremely dangerous precedents for relinquishment of other rights of choice--women's suffrage, for example. It's not that big of a stretch to say that if at some point in time women no longer have the freedom to control their own bodies that we soon won't have the right to elect officials to represent us. Way to set the fairer (in every sense of the word) sex back nearly one hundred years.

And as for this lovely vignette:
I used to be a fan of your magazine. I am a huge Jeremiah Freed fan. We
probably have even seen each other at JF shows in Portland. I know other
supporters of your magazine who are against abortion and I am going to have
them pull support from your magazine.

Feel free, pal. I like to think we appeal to a more intelligent, tolerant, and openminded demographic. Your closemindedness is proving a mind that's closed can't possibly let anything into it.

In fact, God forgive me for saying this--people like you that make me pro-choice.
Preventive defense, if you will.

*Jess, who thinks the word "fetus" is really funny.

1 comment:

Petertherock said...

It's funny...the only closemindedness I see is coming from your side.