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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let the Girl Set the Speed!

This post is about etiquette.

I know what you might be thinking: what is a post about etiquette doing in this blog? Or maybe you're thinking "Jordana... she's the girl who writes about sex, I know what this post, with a subject like 'Let the Girl Set the Speed,' is about!"

For the record, when it comes to relationships or sex, the speed should be set by whoever is at a slower speed. You've got all the time in the world; if you rush it someone is going to be uncomfortable (Person "A" at Slow Speed "X").

However, that is all completely different from what I'm getting at here. What I'm getting at here is etiquette, not advice like what I've offered above.

So lets get to it...

Guys, when you're walking next to a girl, let the girl set the speed!

On my way into work this morning I was blissfully unaware of everyone and everything until this guy I had met a few weeks earlier called out to me, ran up behind me and insisted on catching up with me by walking me to my office. (On a side note, it's crazy how I always seem to run into someone I know in this city of over 8 million, but that's for another time...)

I had been happy with my stroll down the crowded New York sidewalk, and to be honest, my new heels didn't want me to do more than a 20-minute-mile speed. But Mr. Met-You-A-Few-Weeks-Ago-At-So-And-So's-House-Warming, despite the fact that he had insisted on walking me, wanted to sprint down the sidewalk, implying by his fast steps, that I should pick up my speed as well.

Dude. You try walking on your tip-toes, being supported by a peg that has a circumference less than half of an inch while your toes are being pushed together and circulation is being cut off to your baby toe!

I know, I know, you didn't make me wear them. I bought them of my own free will and wore them just the same. I'm not asking for your sympathy, I'm just asking for some manners: if you find yourself in the presence of a sweet and lovely female in heels, let the girl set the speed! Hang back, enjoy your walk. Let her try to enjoy hers as well. If you really want to score big points with her, don't make her walk over grates either. Grates are the kiss of death to any chica in heels.

*Jordana (currently wearing slippers!)


Planet Verge said...

Jessica concurs!

Planet Verge said...

haha that is why i have really never worn heals! but i decided that i am now in my mid-20's and should grow up and learn!