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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Three things every cool kid does:

1. They give The Miracle of You donations so they can get a new van after their old one got totaled (remarkably, my driving was not involved).
To make a fast, secure, and easy donation, use the PayPal button on Any donations of twenty bucks or more gets you a neat shirt that they designed themselves (and those boys are snazzy dressers--they often wear cool hats). These guys are good friends of mine, good huggers, and just good people who had some bad luck. And Christmas is coming. Be nice to them and Santa will be nice to you (or karma, if you don't celebrate Christmas).

2. They keep me company at Hero Pattern shows.
Tomorrow night around 9 PM, these fellas will be playing at The Saint in Asbury Park. It's 18+, so if you're legal, you should come out and dance and sing and have fun with me. And you get bonus points if you're tall enough to be able to get pictures of that dirtbag drummer of theirs (kidding... mostly) without being blocked out by a cymbal like I always am.

3. They take my final exams for me.
Hey, it was worth a shot.

*by Jess, who is a fundraising aficionado

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Planet Verge said...

Lostprophets actually took donations for this at their Irving Plaza show I think. Swell lads.