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Thursday, November 30, 2006


As I am sitting here in this cubicle style office my house has, I realized something pretty deep (deeper than I usually go...) Our whole lives we are striving to achieve the next step, the next goal, whatever it may be. Whether we are waiting to find out if we got the job, to find out if you got into college, or waiting for your band to gets its big break, or, just simply waiting for your food at a restaurant. We are ALL guilty of being in a rush....and not taking time to enjoy what's going on around us. I know I am. I realized today, that once you achieve the ultimate goal, whats next? Where do you go from there? We usually don't sit content with sucess for to long, we get bored so damn easily. SO, in turn, you/we being waiting for the next big mile stone. I have found that sometimes the most profound and most important things that happen to us, happen when we are waiting (and rushing) for the next big thing.... Life is happening, and you don't even know it. It's scary to think that while I was waiting for a guy to come along to sweep me of my feet (so-to-speak), I found myself with a job...and in turn, a career path. Something that I thought was always so far off in the distance.

My eyes were opened when I found out that a friend I had in high school recently died in a car accident. He wasn't a terribly close friend, just one I would always rely on for a good laugh, good advice. He used to ask me why I am always in a hurry to grow up, and I used to tell him over and over again, that I had things to do, I have a life to figure out. I've got news for y'all. Our lives are more figured out than we care to acknowledge....we are just to busy trying to change ourselves to realize it. He looked forward to the drive rather than the destination, I want to be more like that.

I hope that at some point today, all of you just simmer down, and instead of blowing off that phone call, answer it, and talk to the person. When you are waiting in line for that coffee, ask the person behind the counter how their day is going, don't rush them. In the scheme of things, 5 minutes is nothing, yet to someone, it could be everything....

SO, now everyone can go back to doing what they were doing. Just had a thought I figured I would share.

By the way, I am totally pissed that CVS sold out of my favorite lip gloss. What the heck? I am in neeeeeed!



Jessica said...

I concur!
We need more nice girls like us.
Life's too short to rush.

Planet Verge said...

i'm really sorry--about your friend and the lip gloss. and i totally agree with taking the time to appreciate life.