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Friday, November 17, 2006

Attn: Converse, your day is over

While I was getting my hair dyed today, I looked over at the 40-somethingish surban mom getting her frosted hair straightened. She was wearing brand spankin' new Converse, so clean you could probably eat off them.

#1-- Converse are NOT supposed to be clean.
#2-- She was an uncool mom.

Now, in the next chair over from her was a three year-old little boy. Wearing... CONVERSE!! His mom was also totally unhip, but he looked adorable so it didn't matter.

The moral of the story? Punk's look has gone totally mainstream and either has to be taken back, or better yet, get even more creative, push fashion boundaries even further and look unique again!!! Fishnets, cut-off tights under skirts....these looks all generated from punk rock and are now available off the rack at Macys. Oh, and the best, saddest example ever? SKULLS!!!! They are so totally uncool now that designers have started using them--I even saw a skull hoodie in a HIP HOP store the other day!!! But the clueless mainstream shoppers take pride in wearing them now, so enjoy it, 'cause we cool fashionistas (i hate that word, why did i use is??!!) will find something better.

*Joelle, who went from jet black to almost platnium blonde--hey it's a work in progress to get there! lol

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