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Monday, November 13, 2006


I was recently asked what my favorite music venue is and so I would like to bring my answer here and have a moment of silence for CBGB.

I have so many personal memories there, from having my birthday party/shows there every year to seeing awesome bands... There's a whole vibe there that is nowhere else. A whole community of people that always come out and you know them all. Even if I always had to walk ten blocks to get to a McDonald's to pee 'cause I won't dare use the toliet there, I loved it. I don't know why more people didn't protest when it closed.

This is during the Planet Verge sponsored showcase for The Pennyroyals a few years back. Dr. Dot hosted the event.

Even the homeless people were fun. A few years ago, Jordana and I had a funny experience with one. She was interviewing Jeremiah Freed, a band I do publicity for, outside CBGB for her show, Sex, Reim and Rock 'N Roll. In the middle of the interview, a homeless man came up to the band and asked them for money. Quite classic.
What's really interesting is that over the years, my FIRST and LAST show there was to see Fixer. My last CBGB show was also Fixer's last CBGB show. So it was a whole buncha moments in one. I've also gotten to see special shows like Unwritten Law play there. Even if CB's moves to Vegas, it will never be the same. Ever.

So now-- Maxwells in Hoboken. Good sound, love the back lounge and the best french onion soup ever in the restaurant (also a bonus that you can sit and eat when bad bands are on).

*By Joelle, who is no joke, listening to the Backstreet Boys debut CD right now.

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