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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If I could go back and change ONE thing...

I'd totally have let James Valentine of Maroon 5 spit game at me instead of rolling my eyes and walking away.

Yes, they were rude to my beloved Carlo. Yes, they were staring at my rack. Yes, they looked like they could use a shower or seven.

However, they are loaded, and I have tuition to pay. That, and their new drummer Matt Flynn is absolutely lovely.

And did I mention James Valentine is BFF with John Mayer?

If I ever say I have no regrets in life, remind me of this and tell me I'm full of shit.

*By Jess, who would like to someday marry rich so she can stay home and bake all day.

1 comment:

Planet Verge said...

they prob regret not showering and loosing out on you, hot mama! lol