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Saturday, April 28, 2007

What to buy on June 19th

The Junior Varsity's new album, Cinematographic ("sinn-uh-matt-o-graphic").

They played some new songs from it at their show in Middletown last night, and they were pretty amazing. Asa Dawson's live vocals have improved tremendously (not that they were anything less than wondrous before), Chris Birch's beats were stomp- and danceable (I did a bit of shaking, I'll admit), Nick Dodson's synths were fun and trippy (not that I've ever been on a figurative "trip," but I imagine if I was, I'd hear such neat sounds), and Andy Wildrick and Sergio Coronado continue to shred like mothereffers (and mothereffers can really shred).

Because I made the band cupcakes, I was invited into their van to preview the new CD, which features a guest vocal by Ken Vasoli (better known as "Kenny from The Starting Line") on one of the songs. The tracks are all well-written, meticulously performed, and straight up good. It has a lot of songs you're going to be singing in your car with the windows down during the summer, as opposed to Wide Eyed, their more mellow, introspective (but still damn fine, for sure) debut.

I didn't take any pictures because the lighting was weird in the venue and everything came out looking like big white blobs, but I will note that within six days, two lovely Illinois gentlemen wore the same red striped shirt (Nick Dodson of TJV and Mark of Spitalfield). I think there's something in the water there that makes people super sweet, super talented, and super (if inadvertent) walking evidence of Carl Jung's collective unconscious.

Come back soon, boys. We rather enjoy you here!

*Jess, who eats too much raw cake batter and will likely get salmonella from it someday (and who uses a lot of parentheticals).

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