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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taste of Chaos Artist Spotlight: 30 SECONDS TO MARS

It's hard to imagine that such a little family gig started in just 1998 would turn into the worldwide success that it is today....the band went from a little side project (recording and writing was put on hold for a shirt while while front man Jared Leto pursued a career in film) to a band that can now headline and co-headline MAJOR tours. Kinda like Taste of Chaos.

For the duration of Spring 2007 the band was on tour with The Used, Aiden, Senses Fail, Chiodos, and Evaline. Even though early in the tour bassist Matt Wachter announced that he would be leaving the band that did not stop them from having a commanding presence on stage...and off.

While standing in the boxy convention hall that has inhabited Asbury Park since the dinosaurs have roamed, 2 things crossed my mind. 1.)Can 30 Seconds to Mars pull it off live? and 2.)When are they going to remodel this performance un-friendly venue? My second question is one that could not be answered, but I was able to successfully answer my first question....

It was my first time visiting and spectating a stop of the Taste of Chaos tour, in previous years I had always been busy...but not this year, thank God. Arriving kinda late I was able to catch the tail end of Aiden's performance and all of Senses Fail. As the "stage swap" as I call it was going down to get ready for 30 Seconds to Mars set you could see by looking around that many of the shirts adorned by the dedicated fans were for none other than...30 Seconds to Mars. Just being in the presence of hard core fans gets me excited...its hard not to feed off of there ever glowing excitement.

As soon as Leto and the guys hit the stage to begin their performance shouts and screams from overly excited fans filled the boxy room and bellowed about. It was evident in their performance that the band is certainly one that feeds off the energy of their spectators. Leto's voice is unmistakably captivating and you can easily get lost in the overall unity and resonance of their music. The band made sure to play all their hits including some that you may not have expected to hear... They played extremely well and left their fans wanting more. I am definitely glad that I was able to see them.

*By Amanda who didn't know Jared was into Samari

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Joelle said...

they've come a long way since i saw them open for incubus. would've liked to see that show. glad jared didn't throw water at you like he did to the last pv staffer to cover their show! lol