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Monday, May 14, 2007

BAMBOOZLE 2007 Artist Spotlight


This past fall, for my very first music related article EVER I had the opportunity to interview Scary Kid Scaring Kids' keyboardist, Pouyan. The unique charismatic nature of his personality makes it hard not to laugh and thoroughly enjoy yourself while talking with him. After the interview had come and gone and the article was up for the public to enjoy, it was hard for me to turn away from my newly discovered love for their music. Their first full length album had not been out for too long, and in my eyes was a complete success. They achieved a sound unlike any other band in the genre, and they were totally humble to boot. Every time they have come locally I always try to make it out to their show, they put on the kind of performance and stage presence that most major label bands should aspire and pray to have. I have yet to encounter a performance that I have not been completely riveted by, Bamboozle 2007 was no exception.

One of the only real reasons I decided to attend the notorious spring music festival is because I knew that Scary Kids were going to be performing Sunday and they have an album coming out VERY SOON and it is pretty safe to assume they would be pulling out some of their new stuff to throw at fans to kinda mix it up. I had the opportunity to chat with front man Tyson for a bit (whom might I add is one of the nicest guys ever), and from what he was telling me..."this new album is going to be huge." When I asked him what would be different about this album, his eyes lit up like a kid in a candy shop and he took a moment to put together and explain to me that this is going to be an album that is going to bring ALL their fans together and all the miscellaneous genres they have merely touched on and nearly conquered...every kid, every genre...its a little of everything, Scary Kid style. As we continued to talk about it I got more and more excited for this album that Tyson and they guys have been dedicated to for so long and even brought in producer Don Gilman (Linkin Park, etc) to hook it up.

Even thought the guys have been working tirelessly on their new album (having JUST finished the day before they flew in) they were able to put on an awesome show playing favorites of their last releases and some unexpected surprises. Anyone who was lucky enough to be there to watch it definitely left with that in-awe-speechless feeling any true music fan gets after seeing a great live performance. Regardless of how windy it was (there was some wind issues...) or how the wind caught the stage, they rocked it. Tyson's voice sounded awesome, and for once that day, the sound system seemed to be working and making each instrument sound the way it should as opposed to the blob-ish fuzzy sounds I heard earlier in the day. Watching Scary Kids perform is always an experience, as I have said before, but there is always a twist or there is a new song..something that's different. Going along with true Scary Kids fashion, i knew that Pouyan would probably do something crazy or maybe this time his little "near de-pantsing" routine would back-fire. After a set filled with older favorites and some newer ballads that were sure to please, Pouyan scaled the stage. That tall tower thing you always see on either side of the stage, yeah, Pouyan climbed it....and then jumped into the crowd. He rules.

Bottom line here kids- from Tyson's mouth, to my ears, to your eyes..."Please go check out this album, it means a lot, its going to be huge..there's something on it for everyone."



By Amanda (who will buy at least 3, house, and extra cause on is bound to get scratched from use)

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