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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On the Rise: The Upwelling

I was so excited to see Third Eye Blind on their "comeback tour." In their glory days, I never missed a show. At his prime time (and prob. most drugged up) Stephen Jenkins was one of the best frontmen around. So when the sold-out show hit Starland Ballroom last week, I couldn't wait to see if they still had it. On the way down, I was wishing I had brought their CDs with me- the first two, the good ones. But it didn't matter because once they hit the stage, it all came back to me. Except, the good 'ol feeling. I don't know if the songs lacked power now or it is just the simple fact that I have changed musical taste so much since my younger high school days, but it just wasn't working for me. During the second song, one of the fat ladies in front of me farted and I could no longer take being packed like a sardine among frat boys, soccer moms and fiteen year-olds who I can't even figure out would hear of Third Eye Blind. I left and went to go chat with The Upwelling.

These New York natives were the only opening act on the tour and get this---they are unsigned. So how does an unsigned act get picked to open an entire 3eb tour? They must rock. The Upwelling have gotten the chance to perform with All American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack, the Wrens and other well known acts by word of mouth. People like them and word spread as far as Spin magazine, which recently featured The Upwelling on its Web site.

In the case of this show, a very rare thing happened. The opening act stole the headliner's thunder (at least for me and my crew). I've never seen fans cheer for a virtually unknown opening act. There was not a "boo" or chant for the headliner to be heard. Just raised arms and smiles all around. I wasn't even familiar with all the songs, but they hooked me in.

Be sure to check out The Upwelling . Tracks I recommend are "Love is Dead" and "Ruth."

Now just to defend my opinion of 3eb, my friend and former 3eb concert partner, Noelle, saw the Nokia Theater show and said the band did an excessive three encores and by then even she had enough. I can't say the whole show sucked though. I had a great time listening to them in the lobby by The Upwelling's merch, breathing in clear air. They're prob. still good for all basic listeners out there and maybe I would've enjoyed it more in a different venue. But I'm glad I went because I found The Upwelling!



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