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Friday, May 18, 2007

One Bamboozle of a Recap! DAY One

When Gloria Gaynor penned her tune "I Will Survive," she must have had some psychic insight into music festivals. After avoiding being crushed in a stampeed of people coming from all directions at Bamboozle last year by gripping our fingers into a metal fence (and that was just the first five minutes upon entering festival gates), Jen and I were not all too excited to take on the masses this year. I'd say we pretty much survived by holding hands and weaving our way through what seemed like endless crowds (anyone else get caught in that Yellowcard mess we tried to escpape?) of people and cutting lines to get through the entrance gates.

We prepared in advance by smuggling in caps to water bottles since the vendors conficate them and dressing for comfort. The only thing we failed with was sunblock. Who thought we'd get burned in this cold spring weather? I can only imagine how those high-heeled girls busting out their bras (and ONLY their bras) must have fried.

So Bamboozle... We came, overdosed on bands, and conquered both days.

*By Joelle

Day One:

Wake up call- around 9 am for a 10:30 departure. Much better than when we work at Warped Tour and must load in at 8 am.

12:25-12:55- Phil Bensen on the main stage.

There's a big buzz around this 17 year-old NJ native right now. Several major labels showed up to check out his set and there's little doubt that he'll be signed soon. As Phil played his acoustic jazzy pop spectacular, the crowd just kept growing and growing and cheering. He's already landed opening slots for acts like Blues Traveler, Pete Yorn, Teddy Geiger, Nick Lachey, and Lifehouse. It was great to start off the day with a breath of fresh air and see my old friend Rich Andruska (who is producing for Phil and playing on stage with him) from the bands pete. and Sonicult. If you're in NJ, make sure you come see Phil at the Stone Pony on June 8.

The Crowd for Phil Bensen

12:55-1:25- Forgive Durden. They were a time waster and boring. Not much action on that stage. Why is it that people think they are cool dressing like Gerard Way? Do they not see they are posers? Posers are not cool, Mr. Lead Singer of Forgive Durden!

1:25-1:55- Play Radio Play. I like this kid. He's got spunk. Well, who wouldn't after being in rehab at 14 and is now only 17? If you dig electronic music, then pick up his album (Island Records).

Play Radio Play live at Bamboozle!

4:20- Interview with The Rocket Summer. I like Bryce Avery. He's a really cool, down to earth guy. And pretty lucky because he got to hang out in his tour bus the whole day. Jen and I hopped on board and got talking about his upcoming major label debut on Island Records.

On July 17, the world will know what a tight indie community has known all along- The Rocket rocks. He's a mere 24 years-old with a decade of industry experience under his belt and an enviable talent. But is there pressure now that he upstreamed from The Militia Group to Island?

"There’s no denying that there’s pressure. It’s like ‘OK, it’s up to you to write every song, every word, every note of every part. And if it sucks it your fault. But it’s kind of exciting, it’s an adventure," he revealed.

The whole making-the-album experience is way more intense now-- "I feel the heat. But making the record was awesome. I didn’t have to sleep on a floor," say Avery.

Fans are excited and so is the media. Avery says it's "The coolest thing ever," to be mentioned as a Most Anticipated Release in Alternative Press and that he couldn't be happier than he is right now.

We discussed how he wants to contribute to make the world a better place- like supporting causes such as Write Love On Her Arms. “It’s in my heart to want to do it," he shares. "Some people listen, some people throw things at you.”

And how through his years in the biz, he's found that years “It’s so important to stay true, have a good time and don’t take it to seriously."

He advices fellow musicians to seperate business and music, as hard as it may be.
"I’ve seen peers go from their original love of music to being overwhelmed by the business of it and all of a sudden changing things. It’s kinda gross to watch. I’ve definitely fallen into that category sometimes, too. There’s no getting around it sometimes. Just have fun with it. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s really cool if you get to do it a long time as your business. Work as hard as you can while having a good time.”

While we were talking, his lovely wife and former tour manager was busy selling merch. He hadn't made his way out yet, other than to watch labelmate and fellow hometown native, Play Radio Play, because most of the bands he wanted to see were alas, on the same time as him.

My favorite thing that he said was "I feel like I’m a jaded person sometimes. There’s too many bands doing stuff that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want to start a fight with anyone, so I’m going to shut up."

We're right there with you. Be sure to catch him on a headlining tour this summer and then Warped Tour!

5:15-5:45 Hit The Lights. Boy these guys have come along way since playing Hamilton Street and Planet Verge buying them dinner a few years ago. The crowd for them was enormous! They were one of the best acts on the bill, no doubt.

Watch Hit The Lights at Bamboozle!

Someunknown time- The Matches in the Bamboozle TV Studio. I don't own any of their albums, but I should. Each time I see this band, I love them more and more. I'd say they were the best band of the day. The lead singer is S-T-A-R.

Watch The Matches Live at Bamboozle!

7:55-8:25 The Rocket Summer performance. It was cold and we were tired but The Rocket Summer lifted our spirits and was a perfect ending to the night. This was my first time seeing TRS, but I'd deff. catch another show. The performance was quite impressive and I think more people should have been there watching!

Watch The Rocket Summer Perform at Bamboozle!

That's all for day one. We deff. wanted to see My Chem and Muse, but fatigue and the fact that we had to get up bright and early and do it all over again the following day put an end to that. Hey, we're like the old ladies of Bamboozle now. lol Although, some bitch did yell at Jen, "What are you, 18?," as she pushed her way through the crowd. Add about eight years on that....

Joelle and Jen. Most Dressed.

PV commentary on Bamboozle.

And one last shout-out to our new friends in Where Legends Die. You may recognize Dom from The Escape Engine. They made a really cool video for us but You Tube is being annoying and won't upload it! Check them out.

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