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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bamboozle Day 2

By Joelle...

We didn't dress warm enough for Day 2. And didn't eat any more pretzels after it took literally 20 mintues to move through five customers in the line the day before. But we did realize that after this, there's no need for Warped Tour. Oh wait, I lied. Funeral For A Friend are on Warped Tour this year...

Back to Bamboozle:

12:15-12:35 Phil Bensen in the Bamboozle TV studio. He shot the video for his ultra catchy tune "Bruised." Can't wait to see it. The girls love this boy. It's cute to watch. And I'm getting really addicted to the songs.

1:10-1:35 Drive By. No wait, they moved Drive By's stage and the security guard didn't know to where! So we missed them. Luckily, I met up with Chris later and we did an impromtu interview for his company, Rebirth Clothing, during Armor For Sleep's set.

1:50-2:20 The Matches. Two times in two days is not enough of these guys. And guess who we caught in the crowd?

Yep, our old buddy Sprout with his new band, A Hero From A Thousand Paces. Gotta love him.

Speaking of random meetings, we saw Mike from Senses Fail watching Saves The Day and he filled us in on what the band has been up to. Australia tours, if I recall correctly.

Then there was The Banner's Joey Southside watching his brother, Greg, on the comedy stage. Good news- The Banner is back together and Joe has a cool clothing company now.

Greg was the funniest comic of the day. And I'm not just saying that because he was the only comic I saw. Check him out at and thank me later.

Next sighting of the day- Doug from The Sleeping playing hackey sac with some friends. Doug is awesome.

Most random meeting- Circa Survive's Anthony Green and I tried to have a convo in the middle of a crowd stampeed. It sorta worked. No sausage sandwhich in his hand this year.

2:15-2:45 The Early November. Well, that was the plan. Instead I ended up in the Stadium spilting a cheesesteak with Jen and talking to Adam from Perfuma about his band's set that night:

Adam thanks his fans here.

I later found out that was The Early Novemeber's last show EVER. Oh well, if I really liked them still I guess I would've bought their last album, right?

3:45-4:15 Circa Survive. The big boys. With big balls. Literally. They threw out ginormous balloons to the crowd. It was great. The fans were rowdy and we had to move away from the front of the stage to avoid getting crushed. That's what shows are all about, right? Well not when you are weak girls. lol Anyway, they have a new album coming out and major labels stalking them. I predict a bright future.

Watch Circa Survive's set!

4:15-4:45 Armor For Sleep. The main stage was too insane. So we sipped on some coconut smoothies and baked on the concrete while the band played the soundtrack to our conversation.

4:45-5:15- Killswitch Engage. I wanted to watch them. But I think we were on a mission to find merch for The Matches and The Sleeping. So I simply grazed by.

The Sleeping.

They put on such an exciting live show. I didn't see any frontman interact with the crowd as much as Doug did. These videos speak for themselves. And I am still mad that I couldn't find their merch!

6:15- 6:50- Thrice. We got locked out of the TV studio when I wanted to see them. The main stage was chaos, so I watched from afar as I set up Perfuma's merch. But I'm interested in hearing what their new 4 disk concept album will be like. Sounds innovative.

The rest of the night- We FROZE waiting for Perfuma. Froze. Froze. But it was worth the wait. Perfuma are going to be rock stars. Their new songs are a leap forward and as one of The Break Contest winners, it appears people are finally realizing this. I never miss a show.

Adam interviewed for Bamboozle TV

Watch Perfuma rock Bamboozle!

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