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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Listen up kids, this is why you should pay attention in school

When recalling days past of sitting in Italian class for four years in high school, I cringe. Thoughts of my practically Alzheimer teacher, the guidos who put thumbtacks on his chair, and having to read paragraphs aloud fill my mind. Thank someone up above that those days are over.

Oh, and then there was college, where learning a foreign language sucked even more because they really didn't teach it too well and expected you to be able to read novels! I failed and switched to Spanish, which was not too pleasant, either.

The point is, if I successfully learned Italian, like my younger brother did, perhaps I would be able to understand what the band Lost was singing about!

Hailing from Thiene, Vicenza in the country of my heritage (Italy, in case you're slow) is this really awesome pop punk band with a logo I love. I can't tell you anything about them because their MySpace is not in English! But you should go there and listen just for fun. And I'll stay here and make up my own lyrical story.

* Joelle, who wants some Lost merch!

Oh snap, I just realized the second song is in English! Yay!!!11

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