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Thursday, June 12, 2008

lostprophet Ian Watkins Introduces Wearable Art

Anticipation has been brewing among lostprophets fans ever since Ian Watkins alluded he was going to be making a big announcement. The frontman finally released the news-he's going to be releasing his art as wearable t-shirts. With a background in graphic design and the lostprophets album art and merch to his cred, it's a natural step. Plus, he's so well groomed that who wouldn't want to take a few style notes from him?

You may be thinking "Ok, do we really need another musician trying to make more money by further exploiting their name and starting a merch company?"

No. That's why Watkins is doing the exact opposite. He's too cool to sell out. But, his t-shirts will!

Each design is limited to 500 shirts and hand numbered. After 500 are made, Watkins will destroy the template. That means that your chances of going out and seeing someone across the room in your exact outfit are slim to none.

Every shirt is features a hand pulled full-color print with a back print logo, custom tags and embroidery and arrives at your door along with a custom laminate, lanyard and pin badge.

But here's what's even more exciting: each is designed in both women's and men's sizes! Bonus props there. Ian knows the way to a women's heart is through making hot designs that fit our forms.

Upon purchasing, you'll notice that all prices are listed in UK funds. Keep in mind that 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.499238 British Pounds. So the shirts listed as £23.00 at checkout, actually total about $48 out of American wallets. But it's deff. worth it.

So why did Watkins finally make the move to designer after always turning down offers to start his own clothing line?

"As you may or may not know, I used to be a graphic designer and still do all the artwork for the band - album covers, single covers, merch, website, logos etc etc (Jamie helps with illustrations sometimes because he's an awesome painter). Naturally, I've amassed a lot of ideas and designs that couldn't or haven't worked in the context of the band. I looked through them a few months back and realized it would be a shame to let them go to waste."

What artists is he inspired by?

"In my studies of graphic design, I've gotten well into art and collecting it when possible. My favorite is mostly street, urban stuff like Banksy and Micallef etc, because I love the way that when they do something, it's limited and unique. The person who owns their work has the pleasure of knowing that there are very few people in the world who have claim to the same thing."

Will we be seeing ads everywhere and will Ian sadly turn into Pete Wentz?

"I don't really want to call this a company. I see it more as an experiment, an event. There wont be any big marketing campaign, no big promo, no giveaways. This is something special that I am doing myself. You won't be able to get my shirts in stores or through any other outlets. I don't feel the need to advertise it any further than telling you guys and letting you spread the word."

Is each design REALLY limited edition?

"I am going to make four of my own designs, as well as one collaboration with another artist, at a time. I will only produce a limited number of each design. As each one sells out, the screen will be destroyed, never to be produced again. That's it, done. Once all the designs are gone, a new set will go up. Each shirt will be made to order - there's no stockpiled warehouse lying in wait. Every shirt will be numbered and custom made, and will come with a sticker and a badge. Every design will come from my brain via my hands though whatever medium I feel like using at that moment. It's a way to get my ideas out and have other people be a part of it - looking fucking awesome while doing so.

Every shirt is MADE TO ORDER. Which means we only print them at the end of every week. It's not like we are a big corporate machine churning them out super fast, so you may have to wait a few days longer, but in the long run you know you are getting something that was made just because you asked for it, rather than just made for anyone."


"Yes yes we all know everyone and their dog does gold foil prints, but do any of them say 'made in hell' and have a big gun on them? Do they fuck."


"Scare the fuck out of people with this little beauty, and if they look for too long, just scream "Yesss thats right, THERE ARE FUCKING EVIL BIRDS COMING OUT OF INNOCENT BIRDS' HEADS!!"


"If angels existed, they would probably be really hot, and if they ever got bored in heaven and went to play in hell they would be much hotter. A subtle number, for use when the occasion demands a classier approach."


"Its slutty lips you wish your girlfriend had. Its vampire teeth you wish you had, and its fucking massive so everyone can see what ur about."

Shop, now:

* By Joelle, whose favorite band is Lostprophets and already placed an order.

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