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Sunday, June 29, 2008

PlayRadioPlay! released from Island Records

On his myspace blog, PlayRadioPlay!'s Dan Hunter announced his departure from Island Records. Hunter also denounces the music industry as a whole, claiming it's "going the way of the cassette tape."

While I can agree with him on one level--the industry is pretty fucked, and they're not adapting to technology and new methods of promotion at all--he also isn't taking too much responsibility for his big fault, either.

PlayRadioPlay!'s Island debut, The Frequency E.P., was a wonderful confection, but his full length, Texas, was mediocre at best. It didn't have many hooks or melodies or anything to grab, capture and keep a listener. In addition, while his blogs are all well-written, clever, and raise many good points, I can't help but sense some sour grapes.

This isn't to say the label did a good job promoting the record. Aside from us and a review in Entertainment Weekly, I didn't see any press for it anywhere. In addition, the label tended to pick the shittiest songs for singles, which couldn't have helped the then-17-year-old's case.

Dan, instead of pointing fingers, just sing about it. It could be your big break.

*By Jess, who made the best chicken alfredo in history last night.

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