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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Independent Music Awards SUBMISSION Spotlight # 3

We're spotlighting bands that enter The 8th Annual Independent Music Awards.

Enter now:

Deadline to reach 15 Million NEw Fans and Industry is August 1st!

* By Joelle, who has listened to 100 IMA song entries so far and still has a LONG way to go!

H.R. King

Britney Spears fans will fall for this New South Wales, Australia-based singer. He probably heats up the dance floor over there with the track "Glamour Baby."


Holy moly this is crazy awesome! I need this EP. Finally a band that stands out from the pack! "Vicious Cycle" is innovative and exciting.

Sonicbids says:
Random Ninjas is a Los Angeles, California based heavy rock/fusion band whose sound utilizes the usual western rock instruments like guitars, bass, and drums with a combination of diverse languages, traditional Asiatic instruments, and RANDOM humor.

Founded in 2004 by their guitarist, Full Metal Ninja, this group is a neo-cultural expression of a global lifestyle, and their diverse fan base is dedicated and growing. A single song can encompass pop, jazz, punk, world, and metal making it not genre-less but genre-full. Lyrically random as well, their songs range from joy to angst, love to politics, and road rage to world peace. Their music aims to entertain, but it also carries with its truly multigenre sound a serious message of randomness. Being random both defines and liberates them, and these Ninjas are delivering to a new generation of listeners who are craving for something new and RANDOM!


SONICBIDS SAYS: Midori fronts a high-energy Bay Area rock band (AUDIOCLIQUE) wih soulfully potent lead vocals, burning lead guitar, panaramic keyboards, and ground pounding bass and drums. Recently, Midori was featured in the Showcase at, where she finished 3rd out of 1000 bands and was the top US band.

WE LIKE HER VOICE. "Close Your Eyes" really captures the listener. Good job, girl!


Sonicbids says:
A blend of "fragile vocals" mixed with edgy guitars, industrial effects, cinematic string sections, and ghostly pianos make this project stand out like nothing else.

We say: Creepy cool music from Canada.


Sonicbids Says:
...the perfect mix of pop, rock, folk and garage into one highly delectable musical cocktail, the sound is smooth and satisfying...the melodies feel instantly familiar while the vibe shimmers like the best of warm summer days. Thoughtful lyrics make this a no-brainer.

We say: I think these guys are past IMA finalists. No surprise. "My Little Thief" is a cute tune.


This Oslo, Norway-based act says they "produce remarkably inventive guitar based rock/pop music." Panic At The Disco simply said upon hearing the band for the first time «Låter jävligt bra om er !¡¡!» (You sound fucking great!¡¡!).

They remind me of HIM a bit. I dig.

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