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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Independent Music Awards SUBMISSION Spotlight

As the publicist for The Independent Music Awards, I am one of the privileged who gets to listen (and sometimes suffers through, no lie) every single entry that is submitted before we send the top songs off to our industry and artist judging panel. (By the way, Butch Walker, Daryl Palumbo, Brian Littrell, Billy & Jennifer from Suicide City and a slew of other awesome talents are lending their ears to the IMAs this year). I'm going to higlight some of the bands I discover along the way. Here we go.......

* By Joelle, who has thousands more songs to listen to by September. Stay tuned.

ATTN. ARTISTS: Reach 15 Million New Fans and Industry and win a year of promotion to print, broadcast and online media. Enter now:


This female-fronted OC band reminded me of Halo Friendlies (RIP) at first listen. Now Ginger's off Smashing Pumpkins and the other Halo girls are off doing their own thing. Play "Never There" of their myspace


She's clearly inspired by Christina Aguilera, but who said that was a bad thing? Or maybe she's on her way to being the young, white, coke-free Whitney Houston. Either way, this lady's got a powerful set of lungs. Let's hope she doesn't cheese out. This Dallas-dame is currently writing and recording her debut. So keep a tab on her.


While their sound is anything but, Docile are a very radio ready rock act. I tend to hold that against bands at times, but I'm really digging the song "The Coming." It was nominated for "Best Alternative Rock Song" at the 2007 OIMA (Ontario Independent Music Awards). Go Canada.

Noush Skaugen

Awarded ALTERNATIVE POP ARTIST OF THE YEAR & NATIONAL EP OF THE YEAR 2007, this UK Act, has "rocketed through the alternative circuit building name recognition - and critical acclaim". Skaugen's voice has been described as a Sheryl Crow meets Joni Mitchell. 'Lost and Found' drops June 2008.

LOST AND FOUND Skaugen's debut full-length album, was released June 14 2008.

A % of proceeds is going towards Breast Cancer Research, in the hopes we find a cure.
Her campaign is Love your Boobs.

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