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Monday, September 08, 2008

Concert Junkie: Feels the Need to be Political

Now that the conventions are over and the confetti has been swept up, some people might still be confused about who they are going to vote for President of the United States. Besides fulfilling my role as Concert Junkie, I have also been following the election coverage as a "Political Junkie (something Hunter S. Thompson once called himself and where I get the Junkie spelling to my title)." I know I am probably going to get comments from people in regards to this piece; however, I welcome all comments with nothing more than an open mind. The sources I go by are both mainstream, independent and opinion on both sides. Here's a little issues guide for both candidates and their VP's.


Barack Obama/Joe Biden:
Give a tax-cut to the Middle Class, not since Bill Clinton has there been such a cut. Affordable health care for everyone.

John McCain/Sarah Palin: Keep the George W. Bush tax cut permanent, which means the five percent of this country will not have to pay taxes. The Middle Class will continue to carry the burden. I also want to remind you that no president in U.S. history has ever done a tax-cut during war.


Obama/Biden: Spoke at the convention about tapping into our natural gas reserve. Every other country than America uses natural gas as a way of fueling their cars. Don't believe me watch this:

Spoke at their convention about drilling into our wild-life refuge and reserve. It is a very temporary fix to a long term problem. Proceed even more with caution. Palin's Governor inauguration was funded by BP (you can look that up in any major newspaper on both sides of the fence). Plus, McCain too has ties to big oil (they drink our milkshake).


Obama/Biden: Since the start of the Obama campaign in the primaries, the main focus has been on renewable energy sources. At the convention, Obama mentioned he will create wind power plants within the next 10 years. This campaign accepts and understands the fact that Global Warming is something to be concerned about.

McCain/Palin: I scratched my head while watching their convention because McCain has voted against all renewable energy bills since he has been Senator. But during his speech he mentioned to do something about nuclear and other renewable energy devices. This campaign feels Global Warming is man-made and it is nothing to be concerned about. (Drill baby Drill!! I'm hungry for oil!!)

Foreign Policy/War

Obama/Biden: Recently, Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister of Iraq, and the Bush White House, embraced Obama's idea of troop withdrawal within a considerable time frame. Obama/Biden want to focus more on Afghanistan and Pakistan, since that is where the terrorists have been/are harboring. Obama has travelled, not just recently, but throughout his life to various countries. Biden has worked across party lines on various foreign policy issues. Though he did vote for the initial war in Iraq, he has since been against it very vocally. He gave a strong argument against it in 2007, when the Republicans were still going with Bush with no plan and no resolution. By the way, you might realize in the video, Biden talks about his colleague from Arizona. Guess who he was talking about? He's been a leading voice in many ways. One of his sons is also serving in Iraq (deployment Oct. '08).

McCain/Palin: They do not want to withdrawal US troops until we "Win." Palin's son is expected to deploy for Iraq later this week. Her and her church think this is a war that was sent in from God to do his will. Since she has not yet done any interview with any reporter, what exactly is God's will? McCain mentioned earlier in his campaign of war for 100 years in the Middle East. Some of the Right wingers think that just because Alaska is next to Russia (2.5 miles) that that is enough to consider her to be an expert on foreign policy. Plus, at a Town Hall forum in NM, McCain did not refute against reinstalling the draft. If this is true, start saying good-bye to your children and their children.


Obama/Biden: This was not something really mentioned specifically at the convention because both candidates respect the choice. This past Sunday, Bidden was on Meet the Press and he spoke to Tom Brokaw about this particular issue.

McCain/Palin: In 2000, when McCain was running for President against Bush, he said he supports Roe vs. Wade. Now in 2008, he has spoken out against it . Palin is strongly anti-abortion, even for rape and incest victims.

Women's Rights

Obama/Biden: Both spoke at their convention about making women's wage equal to men's.

McCain/Palin: Nothing was said, other than putting one of the most conservative woman on the ticket in hopes to get Hillary supporters.


Obama/Biden: They speak about strengthening our education system by starting at the Early Childhood age group by instilling "Universal Preschool." Plus, he will reform No Child Left Behind by actually giving it the money that was taken away from it. They plan to focus on recruiting and rewarding new great teachers. Plus, they also spoke about making college more affordable.

McCain/Palin: McCain spoke about making school's more competitive with federal funding. No mention of college or Early Childhood Education.

Overall, the America people should realize this election is about the past versus the future. If you are not registered to vote, you have until October 4 to do so. Remember, if you are still stuck, think about your choice in this respect: Happy with the way things have been going the past eight years? Vote for McCain/Palin. Interested in seeing a campaign carry-out their promises? Vote for Obama/Biden.

By Lori, who feels this election, much like any election, is too important for my generation to sit on the side-lines and not care. Wake up, its our future!!

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