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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Behind the Scenes @ Bombshell Bettys

The September issue of Venus Zine, features my interview with burlesque star, Bombshell Betty. Jessica and I, along with our friends Roe & Ashley, booked a private pin-up workshop with Betty in NYC.

You'll read all about it in Venus, so I shall say no more and leave you with behind-the-scenes pictures from our photoshoot!

(The article in Venus Zine)

* By Joelle, who went from Punk to Pin-up over the past few years and thinks even the most shy girls will have the time of their life at Betty's.

Learning how to recreate popular Pin-up poses-- It was tough!

Roe getting her hair done. Watch an instructional video on with Betty to find out how to get glam curls at home!

Jess practices walking with toes pointed.

Jess on set.

Roe and I halfway there!

"If you don't look like a drag queen, it's not enough blush!," Betty told us before we stepped infront of the lens.

Ready for my close-up!

Second outfits.

My Betsey Johnson Ebay score.

Group freestyle.

The camera loves Jess.

Roe let's loose.

We mirrored Betty's poses. It made modeling super easy and fun!

Roe was part of the original Planet Verge staff.

This was a hard pose to hold, but one of my favorites.

WATCH ROE DURING HER SHOOT!(Music, Butch Walker of course! "Hot Girl in a Good Mood"



Christina said...

looks like you girls had a blast, definitely wish i was there! i may even steal some of these poses and hair styles at my next photo shoot!

Jordana said...

this is awesome!