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Friday, August 29, 2008

New Music You Should Hear!

Recently a man by the name of Will Champlin opened for my Chris Nathan. Chris has had some great openers, and others that are well...not so great. When I heard Champlin, however, it was more than great music...I had an eargasm! He writes, performs, and produces catchy pop tunes that get stuck in your head, but you don't hear them on the radio every other hour. In fact, you don't ever hear them on the radio! Champlin grew up touring with Santanna (how cool is that?), and resides in Southern California. He's currently recording and writing in Nashville, TN, and I'm eagerly awaiting his solo debut independently released album. If you enjoy catchy pop music without all the hype, check out Will Champlin. My favorite song is "Now That We're Fallin".

This morning while working on various writing projects, I asked Chris for suggestions on music to listen to while I work. He said, "Matt York." I instantly fell in love. Not only is York "the real deal", he also seems to be a nice, down-to-earth guy (unlike many other singer/songwriters). York's music is raw talent at it's finest. I can't say enough about him, other than check him out for yourself and you'll know what I mean. He's similar to Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Marc Broussard, and John Mayer, but without all the hype and diva-like attitude. His song, "Lucky Man" has been on repeat in my CD player all day.

**Christina - PV's Nashville girl of music and gossip news.


joelle said...

glad you're back girly :)

now i'll read the post lol

Christina said...

it's good to be back! i was busy touring, making appearances with chris, important meetings with industry, and of cours, writing. it's not as glamorous as it sounds, trust me! plus, i was hesitant to get my name back out there in an article after bad press and hateful emails. but like i's good to be back :)