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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Concert Junkie Gets Political, Again

Wow! Really? Wow! I don't know how else to describe my feelings. Wow is the best word. In 2004, I went to bed feeling queezy. Last night, I went to sleep with ease. America chose wisely. Today, we woke up to a refreshed America. An America that has no more limitations. Anyone can be anything they want to be, so as long as they do not give up hope.

When Obama recited his Lincoln/FDResque acceptance speech, an overwhelming feeling of relief swept me. Wars will end. Unity will be in sight. Our environment will be a priority (finally). Healthcare can eventually be solved. I know most of these issues will not be solved in his first year or term, but good things come to those who wait. America, we are patient. After all, we did wait a long time for this moment.

I started to reflect about history when Obama spoke about the 106 year old woman from Atlanta. As he went through each historical moment, I kept thinking what it would have been like to be a person in that time period and to go through the struggle. America, we have come a long way.

To take some of the words from the great Martin Luther King, Jr., we chose an African American President based on the content of his character and, very rarely, was he judged on the color of his skin (except for maybe in Utah and Oklahoma). I also want to associate Obama to King's speech about climbing the mountain to the Promise land. Even though King, unfortunately, did not live to see this moment, we sense his spirit.

Over here in NJ, the heavens are crying happy tears from all the late great ones who fought and died for this moment. While the rain soaks the sidewalks and windshields, I can not help but think about the old documentaries of Civil Rights marches and the chants of "We Shall Overcome." America, we overcame and we are so much better for it. We can do anything.

By Lori: who is so happy all the Civil Right protesters and activists did not die in vain, and wished they could have physically been here to see this moment.

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