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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Val Emmich @ Maxwells

Val Emmich's show at Maxwells last night was so jam packed that fans new and old tried to bribe the door man to get in. It was obvious who the new-thanks-to-Ugly-Betty fans were because they were up front going ga-ga for Val, but didn't know the words to any of the songs except for "Get On with It."

But who cares? Now they've discovered the man who was NJ's best kept secret for years and can continue to spread the love!

Go pick up LITTLE DAGGERS, Val's intoxicatingly addictive new album now:,

I shall say no more, because you'll be able to WATCH our interview with Val on the brand new Planet Verge Internet show, ON THE VERGE very soon. He's going to be stopping by our studio and will even play some acoustic tunes for you! Requests? :)

Those interested in joining the Val Emmich street team, please visit

* By Joelle, who first interviewed Val about six years ago outside The Saint in Asbury Park. They sat on the curb and chatted about coffee and his first concerts. She has been a faithful fan ever since.


Lori said...

I sat with you both on the curb talking about things, too. Good times. :)

Planet Verge magazine said...


pv jen p. said...

he's playing in LA on friday - can't wait! :)