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Friday, December 12, 2008

Concert Junkie's Year-End Review of Politics and Music

Hey everyone! To quote John Lennon, "Another year [is] over and a new one just begun." So much has happened in the topsy-turvy world of 2008. Awesome tours and reunions took place, while an over abundance amount of festivals popped up. We said farewell to some highly influential performers. The world economy is slip-sliding away with one of the worst global recessions. America broke a huge barrier and made history with the monumental victory of Barack Obama as the new President Elect. The music world is on rocky grounds, while Axl finally releases "Chinese Democracy." I don't know about you, but I know I continued to melt my face with some awesome tuneage. So let's take a shot of Drambuie (one of the shittiest alcohols known to man) or toast with the finest Champagne (cheers) to 2008's politics and music.

Drambuie me: Radiohead's "In Rainbows" was supposed to release to stores the first week of 2008. However, it started going on sale earlier than expected. It doesn't matter though, the band is nominated for various Grammys, including album of the year. Plus, they started the trend of allowing their fans to pick a price for what they want to pay for their music. It can be downloaded for free. Turns out, most true fans paid for their downloads.

Cheers: Awesome 71 year old musician, Buddy Guy hit the road and played some shows. Jay-Z released the track "Ain't I." The Mars Volta shredded and rocked at Terminal 5. Once again, another mind-blowing amazing set. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss release “Raising Sand.”

Drambuie me: A huge focus was geared on the 2008 Election because George W. Bush was entering his last year in office with the lowest approval ratings since Herbert Hoover.

Cheers: Bush enters his last year in office, and gave his final State of the Union Address (aka-fun drinking game). Obama surprises everyone and wins the Iowa primary. About twenty-four different European countries lift their border police and allow people to travel through them freely.


Drambuie me: Amy Winehouse won Grammys and continues to smoke crack.

Cheers: Sarah Silverman released "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" to her boyfriend and fellow comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel retaliated with the brilliant star-studded cast with "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck." Even goodie boy Josh Groban dropped a few f-bombs.

Drambuie me: Bombings at a marketplace in Baghdad kill 43 and injure 85 people. Senate grants immunity to the telecommunication companies. Super Tuesday is moved to February. Obama lost New Hampshire primary.

Cheers: The Giants win the Superbowl!! Oh wait that has nothing to do with politics. :) The Democratic race starts to become a nail-biter between Obama and Hilary Clinton. Both won a majority of the votes on Super Tuesday. Despite Obama losing the New Hampshire primary, he delivered his famous “Yes We Can” speech; thus creating’s song “Yes We Can.”


Drambuie me: Brett Michaels has the "Rock of Love part 2." Why must there need to be a show about how a member in Poison picks a groupie as a wife. Why can’t they just film back-stage at a Poison show, or at their after parties?

Cheers: The Rolling Stone's feature flick, "Shine a Light," was released to theaters nationwide.

Drambuie me: The House fails to override Bush's veto of the bill outlawing water boarding. The fifth anniversary of the invasion in Iraq was announced. When Vice President Dick Cheyney was asked how his feelings towards the 3,999 troops that are dead and the lack of approval for going into Iraq, his response was "So?" Bear Stearns is the first to get emergency money from the government and JP Morgan bail them out. Sub-prime Mortgage crisis takes full swing. Elliot Spitzer gets caught up in a prostitute scandal. Clinton reveals Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the news media.

Cheers: The EPA announces to expand and fight smog in US cities and towns. Tibetans start to challenge China with protests about China's not-so-clean human rights record. In response to Clinton’s unraveling of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s harsh words towards America, Obama delivers a historical speech about race in Philadelphia. This was the defining moment of the Primary.


Drambuie me: NKOTB reunite for a tour, now I know I'm getting old. Roger Waters lost his pig, and yes, that is a big deal. Jimmy Page starts teasing us all about Zeppelin getting back together and touring.

Cheers: STP announced a reunion tour. REM's "Accelerate" takes the #2 spot on Billboard album charts.

Drambuie me: Despite ongoing investigations, the State Department renews Blackwater’s contract to stay in Iraq. The body affiliated with the Olympic Committee fails to mention Tibet in the Beijing Games. The Olympic torch is protested in dozens of cities world-wide.

Cheers: Kosovo is an independent country. The Washington Post gets a Pulitzer for their story on the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital.


Drambuie Me: R. Kelly has a bad day in court. Oh wait! This is a cheers! The lip-synching Simpson is in the news.

Cheers: Michael Jackson releases 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller." Trey Anastasio announces to play at some festivals during the summer. Radiohead start their North American tour.

Drambuie Me: Over $24 billion is used to bail out the mortgage crisis. Clinton stays in the primary despite financial issues.

Cheers: Obama is ahead of Clinton in all aspects. North Korea hands over a 1000 page document in regards to their plutonium holdings.


Drambuie Me: One of the greatest comedians, George Carlin dies. Oakland hip-hop group the Coup were the first performers ever accused of obscure obscenity in Northfolk, VA. Guitar Hero launches Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. During the creation of the game, the record label did not have all of Aerosmith’s original recordings from back in their hay-day. Needless to say, the game did not sell well.

Cheers: My Morning Jacket releases “Evil Urges.” Weezer releases “The Red Album.” Coldplay releases “Viva la Vida or Death and All his Friends.” Robert Plant and Alision Krauss give an awesome performance at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles with star-studded newcomer Sharon Little.

Drambuie Me: A large fire breaks out at Universal Studios in Los Angeles (not political, I know, but I almost planned on going there during my vacation.) Athletes Antonio Pettigrew and Michael Johnson give back their gold medals. The America’s Climate Security Act of 2007 stalls in the US senate. About seven people were killed and 10 injured in Japan coincidentally coinciding with the Seventh Anniversary of the Osaka School Massacre. Floods occur in the mid-west. Hundreds of Koreans protest beef deal with US over the concern of Mad Cow Disease. Many people were severely injured by the police during the protests because of their use of water cannons and night sticks.

Cheers: Obama becomes the first African-American to win a party’s nomination. Clinton suspends her campaign and endorses Obama. Bush goes to Europe one last time. After a decade of waiting, China and Taiwan resume talks. California courts allow same-sex marriage. Two Bear Stearn Hedge Fund Managers were arrested and faced criminal charges.


Drambuie Me: July 31 was declared by Los Angeles Mayor as Motley Crue Day (this is both good and bad). The Jonas Brothers are on the cover of Rolling Stone. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Cheers: Jov Stock ’08: Bon Jovi played a free show in Central Park. I took my Korean friend to his very first concert, Radiohead at the Camden Waterfront with Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear as the opener. Queen and Paul Rodgers (from Bad Company) announce a new album deal.

Drambuie Me: Starbucks announced to close 600 underperforming coffee shops around the country. Chinese restaurants in Beijing are told not to serve dog meat during the Olympics, but they can continue to serve donkey meat. One third of the coral reefs face extinction.

Cheers: Luis Moreno-Ocampo, prosecutor to the International Criminal Court, accuses Sudanese President Omar-al Bashir of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur. Obama speaks to over 200,000 people in Germany. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) presents his articles of impeachment of George W. Bush to the House Judiciary Committee. Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens is indicted. Obama announces Joe Biden as his VP.


Drambuie Me: Sarah Palin uses Heart’s "Barracuda" without permission. Kevin Cogill leaked tracks from "Chinese Democracy" and was arrested by the FBI. Leona Lewis sang “Whole Lotta Love” with Led Zep guitarist Jimmy Page to close out the Beijing Olympics. McCain uses parts of “Running on Empty” in a commercial. Brooklyn’s outdoor venue, McCaren Park/Pool, closes. Sonic Youth entices fans at the pool.

Cheers: Heart sends a letter to the Republican National Committee to stop using their song. Jackson Browne sues McCain for the use of his song without permission. AC/DC release a new single. Obama uses Brooks & Dunn’s “Only in America” at the end of his acceptance speech; the same song was used four years ago at the end of Bush’s speech. Nice how the tune crossed party lines.

Drambuie Me: The Olympic Games opened in Beijing despite the numerous protests and boycotts over China’s lack-of human rights record. Many countries boycotted the opening ceremonies. War breaks out between Georgia and Russia. John McCain announces to his friends Sarah Palin as his VP.

Cheers: Swimmer Michael Phelps breaks Mark Spitz’s record and wins eight gold medals(I know I know not politics). Jamaica’s Usain Bolt becomes the fastest man alive, and breaks world records at the Olympic games. The Democrats host their national convention in Denver, CO.


Drambuie Me: Backstreet Boys do some shows. Britney Spears makes a come-back. Richard Wright of Pink Floyd dies from Cancer.

Cheers: The New York Dolls return. Tom Morello, the Nightwatchman, releases a solo album. James Taylor releases a new album full of fantastic covers. Alicia Keys and Jack White collaborate for new Bond theme. Pretenders release new album. Rock Band 2 is released to rousing hype and success. Travis Baker, drummer formerly of Blink-182, survives an air plane crash, but he’s critically injured and four people died. Metallica release their hardest-thrashing album since their 90's work with “Death Magnetic” (it put their post "Black Album" stuff to shame).

Drambuie Me: After the stock market took a hard blow, McCain says, “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Bush allows special forces to go into Pakistan without approval from the Pakistani government. Unrest and possible civil war in Bolivia. Hurricane Ike hits Texas. Bush asks for $700 billion for a bail-out. McCain post-pones his campaign, but doesn’t exactly go to Washington right away.

Cheers: The bail-out was first rejected. McCain puts his campaign on pause. The presidential debates begin. Rachel Maddow has her own show on MSNBC.


Drambuie Me: After 10 years, MTV says farewell to TRL (did anyone other than me notice that?) Beyonce clearly lip-synchs at TRL show. Led Zeppelin announce to tour without Robert Plant as their singer. Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were murdered.

Cheers: AC/DC makes their first Rolling Stone cover, ever! BRUCE and Billy Joel perform together for an Obama fund-raiser in NYC. BRUCE performs at various Get out the Vote rallies. Joelle announces On the Verge internet TV. Rock Band won the rights to the Beatle’s library; a new Rock Band will be out next year. Def Leopard decides to go Indie.

Drambuie Me: The House and Senate pass the revised bail-out, which means more pork-spending. The economy around the world takes a massive dip. The G-7 met to discuss possible economic solutions.
Cheers: Biden and Palin debate. A bi-partisan committee in Alaska finds Palin had abused her power unlawfully when she fired the Alaska Public Safety Commissioner. Stevens is found guilty.


Drambuie Me: After waiting 14 years, “Chinese Democracy” is finally released, but Axl is no where to be found. Boy George could face life in prison on assault and false imprisonment charges.

Cheers: “Chinese Democracy” is released. BRUCE releases new single “Working on a Dream.” The Catholic Church finally forgives Lennon for saying that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.” Lennon uttered those words back in 1966.


Drambuie Me: Some of the US Senate races are still unresolved (I’m pointing my finger at Minnesota). Proposition 8 passes in California, now banning same-sex marriage. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, funded the California government millions of dollars to put Proposition 8 on the ballot. This triggered millions of protests world-wide in front of Mormon Churches in over 300 cities. American unemployment rate reaches 14 percent. A volcano erupts in Columbia. Bush declares No Child Left Behind as one of his greatest achievements next to the War in Iraq.

Cheers: Barack Obama is elected as the first African-American American President. Supreme Court of California agrees to hear a challenge to Prop 8. President Elect Obama dubs Rahm Emanuel his Chief of Staff and reveals his Treasury Team.


Drambuie Me: Joe Satriani’s “If I could Fly,” vs. Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.”

Cheers: Pearl Jam’s "Ten" is reissued.

Drambuie Me: Massive cuts and layoffs nationwide. The auto companies are asking the government for money (if the companies tank, say bye, bye to sanity).

Cheers: President Elect Obama names Clinton as his Secretary of State and more members to his cabinet. Bush actually wants to help the auto companies.

In memory: Bo Diddley, Isaac Hayes, Paul Newman, Jerry Finn, Mitch Mitchell, Alton Kelley, Odetta, Levi Stubbs, Neil Aspinall, Ken Nelson, Mickey Walker, Norman Whitfield, Buddy Miles, Miriam Makeba, Larry Levine, Jeff Healey, Alton Ellis, Eddy Arnold, Jerry Wexler, LeRoi Moore, George Carlin, Richard Wright, my dog Rebel, and Danny Federici.

My prediction and hope for the newly President Elect: Obama should focus on creating new Solar and Wind-power energy. NOT "CLEAN" COAL or NUCLEAR! If all focus is given on new, clean energy sources, then millions of jobs are created. Follow this equation:

Solar Powered paneling + Wind Power = the creation of millions of jobs.

This will boost the global economy, not just the US. Therefore, we will have a new export of goods. It can happen.

By Lori who had a pretty awesome year and hopes 2009 is even better. Let's all hope our world leaders cause us to have more toasts with Champagne than chugs of Drambuie.


Mberenis said...

Did you know that Obama is making it easier on the people? Don't let the recession get you down. When was the last time you looked at government grants? With the bailout, there is more money than ever. Don't miss out.

My Grant Blog

joelle said...

omg how did you order everything?

ps-- bon jovi had the top grossing tour of the year.

i sadly missed nkotb

loved stp

and that amy winehouse line cracked me up.


Lori said...

Mberenis-I know Obama is making it easier on people. I'm just saying his next course of action should be to focus on the Environment. I plan on looking into some government grants.

Joelle-glad to make you laugh. Sorry for the lengthy post.

I forgot to mention, the Racconteurs at Terminal 5 in June were killer. Jack White is our modern day guitar hero.