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Thursday, March 22, 2007

How Terry McMillan Got Her Attention Back

Terry McMillan is the author of a bestselling novel turned movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back, based on her own experience of finding a handsome, dapper, younger gentleman in Jamaica and bringing him back to the U.S. to marry.

After they married, he announced he was gay. She announced they would divorce.

She is now suing the proverbial pants off this guy for "smearing her reputation throughout their highly publicized 2005 divorce." I have some advice for McMillan:

Get the fuck over it.

Honey, it looks like some other handsome, dapper, younger gentleman beat you to stripping the lawsuit off this guy. Suing him for "conspiring to humiliate and embarrass" you--oh, and for $40 million that you know the dude doesn't have--you are only humiliating and embarrassing yourself.

Did you blow all the royalties already?

We'd forgotten you existed until this tidbit popped up in the news media. Chalk it up to experience: You got used for a greencard. Sucks, but it happens. To quote The Main Ingredient (and later Aaron Neville, who, inexplicably, is listed as a "rock" artist on iTunes--hey Apple, you might want a new categorizer): "Everybody plays the fool. There's no exception to the rule."

Now, you can make a bigger fool of yourself via the justice department (way to waste my tax dollars paying your judge) and likely lose your case--or you can be productive.

You're a writer, Ms. McMillan.

This is the perfect material for a sequel. Get on that, and get off my 5:00 newscast.

And if you really want to punish your ex? Force him to watch the film he was the male muse for.

*By Jess, who is hoping Amanda's doing better.

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