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Friday, August 31, 2007


With fresh battle wounds still looming from their summer spent on Warped Tour, the New Jersey natives The High Court embarked on yet another tour, this time with the likes of The Cursive Memory and other more local talents. The band is made up of four charismatic guys named JB (vocals), Mike (guitar), Shell (bass), Denny (guitar), and Lou (drums). Last night they played a tiny, hot, sweaty venue all the Red Bank area kids know as the Internet CafĂ©. One might think that going from playing the Kevin Says! stage on this summers Warped Tour to playing a venue where there really isn’t a stage might be difficult or hard on the ego, not for THC…the guys seemed to feel even more at home.
Last night I had the opportunity to pull aside Mike and Shell and ask them about everything from their non-stop touring to liking the band Boys Like Girls….

Q: What was it like to be on such a huge national tour like Warped Tour?
Shell and Mike: It was awesome, probably the most fun we have ever had....You're out on Warped Tour NO sleeping allowed...

Q: What has been the hardest thing to over come as a band?
Shall: Being able to drop everything...leave your girlfriend at home and go and be broke for months...

Q:Where do you get your biggest inspiration?
Mike and Shell: The fans, when we are writing or recording we are sitting in a room picturing a room full of people listening and enjoying our music...

Q: If you could only play one more show where would it be and who would it be with?
Mike: Central park and maybe with Butch Walker.

Q:What do you do in your free time?
Shell: I'm a snowboarder, so I like doing that... Lou is a party animal, his friends stood by him, haha and he is also kinda an interenet hound.

Q: Who are you guys listening to?
Mike: We just got the new Envy on the Coast Cd and we have that in the van right now, they are awesome...
Shell: I'm really into Maroon 5 right now, they are such a solid talented band...

BOTTOM LINE- Go see them perform, and say hi...they are the nicest guys ever.

By Amanda who is thankful for The High Court and their fun-loving, always smiling personalities...

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