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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spotlight: Unsigned Act -- THE MULHOLLANDS

Key Club (West Hollywood, CA)
By: Jackie Rudolph

"It’s always such a sunny day in California." This is just one of the many lyrics by the new, emerging band, The Mulhollands, which they proclaim to their audience…but really, what’s the meaning behind their words? Sarah, front singer and single standing female, explained that even if it is just another sunny day in California, there are other things going on besides the usual sunny days in California, for example, a tragic time. Even if many of the songs, as well as their band name, is Los Angeles based, not all of the members were born and raised in good old LA.

Hanging outside of West Hollywood's Key Club, I was able to meet up with the front female singer, Sarah. She explained her history as she came from across the country and settled in LA to try to live out the “Rockstar dream.” Well, she’s almost there at least. The gathering of The Mulhollands came together as the members all found each other and meshed together as a whole. It started when Sarah heard her future band mate jamming while she was hanging out poolside at her new LA apartment. And then it all rolled on from there. But why the name, The Mulhollands? One word, Inspiration. The band’s songwriter usually went up to Mulholland Drive, a well known road in Los Angeles, where one can see the whole city view, to write his lyrics, hence the name of the band. As of now, the band is not officially signed by any record label, but are in the talk of signing with a major label. PV wishes the best of luck to this band!

For more information, check them out at

And if you're in the Los Angeles area, catch a show throughout all of September!

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