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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quietdrive: One On One With Guitarist, Matt Kirby

House of Blues: Anaheim, California
By: Jackie Rudolph

There’s nothing quiet about this band, which goes by the name of Quietdrive. Representing Quietdrive was guitarist, Matt Kirby, who took the plate at explaining what the band truly stands for. Coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota, these guys were used to somewhat of a city life. They grew up in a great little music town which was both artsy and eclectic. No wonder why they’re so creative. Minneapolis was just enough for them, as if it was like a mini Chicago. Although these guys basically left their hearts at home, it’s the joy at the end of the day which keeps them going day by day.

Quietdrive’s success all started back in December of 2004 when Epic approached them for a major label signing, but it didn’t all happen so quickly. It took a couple of years for the guys to really put themselves out there and make themselves a worthy band. With so much experience in touring, these guys couldn’t and still can’t stop hitting a road. Matt describes them as a ‘touring band,’ since they are constantly on the road. Maybe one day they will be able to fly overseas instead of driving around the states and Canada in their tour van! But what are the best places to tour according to the band? Simple, home is where the heart is. Matt explained how coming home is the best thing, especially since the guys barely visit their hometown.

Speaking of their hometown, some of the lyrics are able to relate to home. With their song, “Rush Together,” Matt explains that vocalist, Kevin Truckenmiller ,wrote this song when he was in London, while the other guys were in college back in the states. Kevin wrote this song in Hyde Park about a real life person who he grew up with. Matt commented, “I would probably consider this song the most powerful song on the record.” As for the mystery behind the lyrics, the guys also change it up with a little cover work of the song, Time After Time, originally done by Cyndi Lauper. It’s an interesting story because one day, Kevin (vocalist) was at Kmart and heard the song on the loud speaker. He was not even that familiar with the song, so he made a techno beat for it. Then they changed the beat to rock, and finally it all fell into place as the guys made the song their own. The band seems to not believe in boundaries, but just know that the sky is the limit.

As for the artwork of their lyrics, their album artwork is breathtaking as well. Matt explained how their deadline for the album’s artwork was approaching and they were on the very last minute of time. With the concern of this artwork being the first stamp they were putting on themselves, they had to make a good first impression. The deadline was noon, and it was already 3am. The guys grabbed some drinks, and a friend who designed shirts. They went to the city that never sleeps, and got some shots of the drummer, Brandon, alone in the streets of Times Square, and finally, the artwork was on its way to a meaningful impression after a couple digitized details. Interesting how a place in which you’ve probably have made a visit to, shows off its true beauty on the band’s cover, amazing, is it not? Catching such a quiet, yet meaningful photo in such a loud and awake city is truly an unspoken vision of amazement.

With their album produced by Butch Walker, can there even be one single doubt that this music is true beauty? Matt commented, “There’s not a single bad word to ever talk about him. I’m a fan of Butch Walker’s production work. He’s amazing and so kind. He was trying to prepare for Avril Lavigne in Japan, so we only had 5 days with him before he left. Every night we were with him, he took us out to dinner and got to know us personally. He’s an awesome dude. He’s a total rockstar and the most down to earth kind of guy. We all totally look up to him.” With the love of Mr. Butch Walker, the guys also have a brotherly love for each other. Being on the road so long, they still are a group of great friends, and basically, family. “I’m married to like four dudes,” Matt mentioned. The guys have all grown so much with each other, and continue to day by day as they share their passion of music. Hopefully this is just the start of Quietdrive’s success, and most likely is, especially with the help of Butch Walker, whom we all love oh so much.

These guys tour a ton, so make sure to check them out!

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