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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kind of musicaly related but you will be interested post.

I just thought i would drop a quick post with some tour dates...but not of the musical variety. I assure you i think you will like it though!

Chris Gutierrez, professional thought provoker and insanely honest writer is (or has by the time this is posted) hit the road in the US again to read to innocent ears of American civilians everywhere. "famed" (and i use the term loosely) for the Fall out boy name check in 'Take this to your grave's' track 'Hey chris' (Grenade jumper if i remember correctly) he has attracted fans from both this and beyond by setting up his own publishing company, Deadxstop. With his first book selling out and the second book now released, Chris is driving around the US ready to give you an insight to all of his thoughts and childhood stories. If you want to have a read of a few story snippets from the second book, the head on over to and if you want to head on out to a date, which would be highly appreciated and very nice!, then have a look below to see where he is at, which is pretty much everywhere!

1 Aug 2007 18:00
uncommon grounds jacksonville, Florida
22 Aug 2007 19:00
souther folklore memphis, Tennessee
23 Aug 2007 18:00
Walter’s On Washington houston, Texas
24 Aug 2007 18:00
cafe brazil dallas, Texas
25 Aug 2007 13:00
Scooter’s Coffeehouse kansas city, Missouri
26 Aug 2007 18:00
coffee cartel st. louis, Missouri
7 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA las vegas, Nevada
8 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA phoenix, Arizona
9 Sep 2007 11:00
jennifers coffee connection studio city, California
10 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA sna francisco, California
13 Sep 2007 19:00
cutter point cafe tacoma, Washington
14 Sep 2007 18:00
bean scene minneapolis, Minnesota
15 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA milwaukee, Wisconsin
16 Sep 2007 18:00
the fixx coffeebar chicago, Illinois
17 Sep 2007 18:00
AJs cafe ferndale, Michigan
18 Sep 2007 18:00
Brielle’s Coffee and Team Room cleveland, Ohio
19 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA buffalo, New York
20 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA albany, New York
21 Sep 2007 18:00
Umass-lowell lowell, Massachusetts
22 Sep 2007 18:00
voxpop cafe brooklyn, New York
23 Sep 2007 18:00
starbucks Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
24 Sep 2007 18:00
TBA baltimore, Maryland

Some other useful link include! - for the online store and livejournal

Seriously recommended for people who like the following

Coffee, coffee houses, anything in coffee houses (i recommend the cheesecake, always), being in a coffee house chillin while listening to someone talk FOR FREE, laughing, laughing out loud, using your brain a little, being intreuged, laughing at someone elses embarrasing expense, supporting the DIY ethics of punk rock.

sweet. ok. now go!

Gina x

ps. did anyone watch Biffy Clyro at Warped, if you did what did you think?

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