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Monday, April 07, 2008


I would like to pull back the shades and open the window to let all the light shine down on this band, ladies and gentleman...THE DEAR HUNTER.

I don’t know that Casey Crescenzo (vocals/keyboard) knew how successful his side project, The Dear Hunter, would be when he started it in the early days of 2005. Casey ventured into writing more intimate indie sounding lyrics which was certainly a departure from the alternative post hardcore music that The Receiving End of Sirens had become famous for. In the early stages of The Dear Hunter’s development it was unintended to become a full-time band, however as buzz began to circulate about the unique departure and with a high demand to hear more of what he had up his sleeve, Casey left TREOS and made The Dear Hunter his primary creative work.

In a musical age where electronic beats and cookie cutter lyrical messages are masking the true art of music making, few bands step out of the line up and give listeners something to believe in. The Dear Hunter did and is still doing what many artists tend to be struggling with and straying from these days- making truly ambient and progressive indie style rock organically, it’s not something they stumbled on in the packaged goods section. The Dear Hunter provides a mature yet ambitious marriage of vocals and piano rock driven instrumentals. Their unique sound and impressionability make their performances and music simply wonderful. They have the passion and that will give indie talent such as Circa Survive and As Tall As Lions a run for their money…

If you like music that sounds generic, this band probably isn't for you...

The album that has been released, Act I: The Lake South, The River North, follows an intense story of adolescent struggle and mission of self-discovery. The follow up album (released in 2007) is titled Act II: The Meaning of, and All Things Regarding Mrs. Lending (a reference made to the title of the first EP released).

This rest is now history, and the now…'s something you need to keep an ear open to.

Here are some of my personal fave's-The Dear Hunter
1. Red Hands
2. The Procession
3. City Escape
4. Smiling Swine

Be sure to check The Dear Hunter on their tour with THE FALL OF TROY!

**By Amanda who wishes it was nice out.

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