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Monday, April 28, 2008


As part of my "On the Verge" of Bamboozle celebration, I will be shining the spotlight on some of the bands I think are going to be a commanding presence over the weekend. This is a band that I believe is going to take Bamboozle, and the year a head by complete storm...

It's a rarity that I go out on a limb like this, but here goes nothing- I think I've officially found the "Band to Watch" for 2008. I know, I know...I'm a little behind considering its almost May however this band caught my attention months ago and after having the privilege to see them perform recently in NYC with Alesana, The Chariot, and Our Last Night, I am more confident than ever that Sky Eats Airplane is going to give the music scene a run for its money. The stir they started causing months ago was enough to catch the attention of labels and media across the country, but this tour has taken them to new levels, with each show they play they are gaining fans at an exponential rate and are taking over memory space on IPOD's and MP3's left and right. The buzz was loud enough to catch the attention of famed Equal Vision Records, Sky Eats Airplane was recently signed by them, a huge step in a successful direction.

There is something about this band, no really, there is just something about them. They explore the boundaries of a genre-on-the-rise, "hard-tronica" and between the mac-supported electronica background and the alternative metal riffs accompanying the top of the line screams this band is one of the more well rounded live performances I have seen to this day. SEA marries bombastic, jagged edged rock with cutting edge electronica beats and the result is freakin' cool. Sky Eats Airplane is not a generic product you will be able to find at the local super-market, they have kicked down the walls of conventional "safe" music and are plowing the field to create the foundation of a genre that will be hard to duplicate.

With the final touches to the line up complete (vocalist, Jerry), they have wasted no time, they immediately started work on an album that will be released later on this summer, July 22nd to be specific. The band is made up of Lee, Johno, Zack, Kenny, and Jerry. Each member brings their own flair and personality to the music and the diversity of sounds is just amazing. One of the first times I can say that the marriage of so many sounds is actually successful. After having talked with Lee (guitarist) their motives and goals have become clear, their passion rests in music, touring and most importantly giving everything they've got to the people that like and appreciate their alternative creativity.

Set to release an album in late July, Sky Eats Airplane has tours lined down the street and around the corner. Currently on a national tour with Alesana, they will finish that up in coming weeks then embark on another tour with the likes of A Skylit Drive which will lead into two weeks of "punk rock boot camp" on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour.

Stay tuned- I will be posting an interview I did with guitarist Lee Duck later on this week!

**By Amanda who can not wait to hear Sky Eats Airplanes' new album...

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