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Friday, April 11, 2008

Kooks Krazy

The release of the Konk by The Kooks may be the first time a band released a second album before I was ready for it. I had yet to play out the band’s debut CD, Inside in/Inside out,(is it even possible?), so now I have two albums by the same glorious band on constant rotation. And they can easily just be from a double-disk set because the two albums flow so well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

It’s great for the USA fans anyway. The momentum is picking up, so why not just give audiences more of what is already getting lots of love in the UK?

While the overall vibe Konk is similar to its predecessor, one thing has obviously changed. The lyrics are a bit more mature- or shall I say more love injected and less testosterone-ized? Instead of singing about getting underneath a girl’s skirt, this time around vocalist Luke Pritchard is actually asking the girl “Do you wanna make love to me?” and revealing “I always thought I’d end up with you.” He even pleads “I miss you and I need you, please don’t go” on the track “Gap.”

The album opens on an acoustic note. And with an accent so fine, what listener really needs anything else? For the Kooks, simplicity will lead to longevity. The songs are clean, yet never dull. It's expected that the tracks translate effortlessly live. Perhaps that's one of the secrets to the band’s success. I for one, can not wait to see them live at Terminal 5 in NYC and see what they’ve got.

Is it June yet?

Standout tracks: "Sway," "Do You Wanna," "Always Where I Need to Be"

*By Joelle, who is pretty sure the ONLY album she actively went to a store and bought in ’07 was the Kooks' debut. They are also the only band in years for whom she actually went and bought their album after hearing just one song.



Twinsrule said...

Very nice review! "Konk" is named after the studio they recorded this release (owned by Ray Davies of the Kinks).

Not a bad indorsement!

Waiting for their concert soon here in Minneapolis, its going to be fantastic.

Tom Wright-Piersanti said...

I was disappointed with it.. it's interesting that you describe the lyrics as more mature, because I found them to be pretty simplistic and childish. It sounds like he took a night class in song writing. I guess with so many great British indie rock groups out there right now, I expected more from the one that made it big.