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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get Undressed With Hotspur

Hotspur proves once again why it is one of the most promising bands on the rise. The Maryland-based power-pop band is releasing "Beta Undressed," a stripped down version of their critically acclaimed debut "Beta." The album, which consists solely of piano and vocals, will be released nationally on April 29th.

While Hotspur is known for its energetic live performance and lush studio recordings, "Beta Undressed" shines a light on the softer side of Hotspur. It allows the listener to focus more on the core of the songs themselves, as well as giving vocalist Joe Mach and pianist Dave Trichter a chance to show their chops.

"This was a really fun project for us", says Mach. "It was an opportunity for us to step a little bit outside of what we're used to doing and explore these songs in new ways. I think listeners will definitely get that vibe from hearing the record."

The songs and arrangements have all been changed and reinvented, making it an exciting listen for those familiar with "Beta," but cohesive and complex enough to stand on its own. The result is an album that both old and new Hotspur fans will enjoy. The great thing is that the songs easily transfer over to simplistic versions and listener's won't feel like something is missing in the songs. They'll be singing along without a second thought.

"Beta Undressed" is now available from Hotspur's official website( and their myspace ( The album will be released digitally to online retailers including iTunes, Amazon, and others in June.

Keep an eye on tour dates--- Hotspur will hit roads across the US beginning May 23rd.

*By Joelle, who was hooked on Hotspur as soon as she heard "She's Got to Go," and bets you will be, too.

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