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Monday, February 12, 2007

Furrever Love

I went to the Exotic Pet Expo this weekend with one thing on my mind--seeing the 9 week old tiger cubs. For years, I have followed Save the Tiger projects and sponsored Russian tigers. It's my dream to actually pet one. The closest I came was when I did a behind-the-scenes investigation on the treatment of animals at The Ringling Brother's Barnum and Bailey Circus while I was in college. I was centimeters away from the beautful caged creature and could watch the whiskers on it's nose move as it was breathing. Amazing.

Well....thanks to the pet show, where a white bengal romped with an orange one, I found a place to make my dreams come true. The Horseshoe Creek Wildlife Reserve in Florida! You can take Animal Ambassador Interactive Tours that include feeding tiger cubs,hold an aligator, play with a baby panther, etc. HEAVENLY. I thought the only place like that was Tiger Island in Australia, where tigers walk around the park on leashes. I'm excited to go.

I also feel in love with an adorable Husky/Lab puppy named Lexi, who you can watch here:

I applied to adopt Lexi. Wish me luck!

The Husky House is a great organization dedicated to finding homes for these dogs. Everyone likes them as puppies, but has no idea how hard it is to raise a Husky and the older dogs wind up being sent to shelters. It's really sad. Visit to find out how you can help foster a dog until a home is found, donate money, buy a really cool hoodie, or adopt a new pet today!

This is my husky/shepard Skye. Jessica is her aunt.



Planet Verge said...

My niece!!! <33333333

Amanda said...

awwwwww....i hope you get lexi!!!!!!!! she's adorable!