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Friday, February 02, 2007

The day has come

Silverchair are FINALLY touring America!!! With two sold out dates in New York City (Webster Hall and Bowery), there's proof that Silverchair is the best and biggest band that seems to have fallen off the face of the earth but never did. See, while most of you i'm sure forgot about them after their grunge days, a beautiful thing happened: Diorama. I can't even explain the beauty of this album. It was shocking how they transformed as a band. And it was a mystery as to what they could possibly do after that and how they could top it. Well, it's here: "Straight Lines" is the new single. Go watch the video at

The last time I saw them, Silverchair OPENED for an immature, undeserving- of-sharing- the- stage- with- them band called Blink 182. There was Daniel Johns singing with a hot pink feature boa and all the fans, little bratty punks awaiting fart jokes from Tom, Mark and Travis, didn't appreciate it.

Well hot damn, I'll be at Webster Hall on Feb. 13 if my Craigslist purchased tickets come through (thank you Adam). So keep your fingers crossed. Silverchair are the most UNDERRATED BAND EVER!!!!!

*Joelle, who has a Silverchair song picked out for her wedding

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jess said...

Ooooh, which song are you using?