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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Leto the Let Down

Here's a little secret we've never revealed. About a year ago, my friend Eryn, went to go shoot 30 Seconds to Mars and Aiden (barf, gag, ew). Planet Verge was the only publication graced with a photo pass that night, therefore, Eryn was the only photographer in the photo pit. During 30 Seconds to Mars' performance, there were some uncalled for actions by vocalist, Jared Leto. He not only spilled a bottle of water over Eryn's head and camera, but the tough gal that she is, Eryn continued her job and then Leto kicked her shoulder. On purpose. A few minutes later, he walked off stage for a second and then a security guard came over and asked Eryn to leave.

Now, if they didn't want photographers there, they shouldn't have allowed photo passes. And if Leto was going to kick her out, why didn't he do that BEFORE he basically harrassed her? Totally unnecessary roughness. He sucks. He broke our hearts. And when we told his publicist about this, she said she would look into it and doubted it was all on purpose.

But alas, read the New York Post today (pg. 11) and the headline "Leto looney at Sundance." Seems this pretty boy really doesn't like getting his picture taken. But dude, don't take it out on the people (this time a photographer from WireImage) who are just doing their job!

I can't say Jared is a total jerk, though. When I met him at another show after that, he was very nice and asked a lot of questions about Planet Verge. He even hugged my boyfriend. And a few months ago, Eryn was introduced to him backstage at a concert and he was quite cordial. Would've been funny if she told him what he did to her, though.

I wonder if he beats up camera men when he is filming movies? lol

Joelle, who was a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars since Day ONE, thankyouverymuch


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Jess said...

Maybe he's not a douchebag, just bipolar? Or dissociative?