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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

21 minutes late is better than never!

For some reason, this wouldn't let me log in on January 17th at anytime, and now that it's been the 18th for twenty-one whole minutes:

Happy Birthday to Tim Pagnotta of Sugarcult!

Not only can the man write a killer hook, but he's really good at color coordination:

Those eyes and that shirt? Flawless.
I look a bit deranged here, but see how my bra straps perfectly complement my tank?
Match made in heaven, dude.

Oh, and he called me "Momma." Twice. I wouldn't mind being his [baby] momma. Just throwing that out there, folks.

And no, I'm not REALLY obsessed with him--I just think he can sing his patootie off and that he happens to be rather goodlooking. And I don't really wanna be his baby momma, either. I'm way too anti-stretch marks for that.

*By Jess, who thinks she has SARS.

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Amanda said...

he rocks my socks off.